Prospectus(purpose of establishment) of the ‘Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout’

[Founding meeting] Prospectus

Prospectus(purpose of establishment)

“Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout” aims to accumulate knowledge and research on denuclearization, nuclear phase-out, and energy transition and contribute to the promotion and development of related academic and scientific technologies in order to keep human life and environment safe and sustainable.

In 2017, President Moon declared the nuclear phase-out policy, but there is still a long way to go. It is necessary to pursue step-by-step implementation and take active responses so that the nuclear phase-out policy can be put into action. The existing system alone cannot guarantee safety. Also, it is no use trying only in Korea. The international community must cooperate with each other and accumulate knowledge and wisdom at the global level to move towards nuclear phase-out together.

For this, a research project for the following purposes is needed.

● Research on policy and agenda for nuclear phase-out and energy transition

● Research on information sharing and strategic execution of the world’s nuclear-free information front

● Research on the Japan’s release of radioactive water and international countermeasures

● Research on safety systems for global safety

● Research on nuclear-free and bioethics

● Research on energy transition related systems

“Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout” intends to contribute to the preservation and safety of life of the global community by laying the foundation for such work.

Translated by Lee Sookmyoung

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