[Congratulatory speech at the Founding meeting] Rep. Kim Sung-hwan

[Congratulatory speech at the Founding meeting]
Rep. Kim Sung-hwan(a member of the National Assembly for the Nuclear Phase-out & Energy transition Research Policy)

Congratulatory speech at the founding meeting of Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout

Rep. Kim Sung-hwan

Hello, I am Kim Sung-hwan, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea(DPK).

Congratulations on the foundation of Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout. The founding preparatory committee for Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout has invested a lot of time and resources for the establishment of the Society, including 22 preparatory members working together to publish a webzine once a month since July 2019 and today it finally bears its fruit.

Korea has made a lot of progress based on nuclear energy. However, nowadays, there is a lot of energy that can effectively replace nuclear power plants(NPPs), so there is no need to insist on dangerous nuclear energy. If we practice nuclear phase-out by increasing the share of relatively cheap and eco-friendly energy such as LNG and eco-friendly renewables such as solar and wind power, Korea can become the world’s leading eco-friendly country.

Moreover, nuclear phase-out is a global trend. Although the speed is slow due to the proportion of nuclear energy generation, many countries are fully aware of the dangers of nuclear power plants(NPPs) and are reducing the share of nuclear power plants(NPPs). Korea is also targeting a zero-carbon society by 2050, but it is not easy to achieve this goal without a nuclear phase-out. Even for energy innovations, nuclear phase-out is a goal that must be achieved.

“Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout” was founded after much preparation through founding preparatory committee. Nuclear phase-out based on a solid preparation process contributes to the development of the energy industry and ultimately improves the quality of life of the people. I hope that the society will lay the foundation for Korea’s nuclear phase-out drive through active activities in the future. I wish your society a great success in everything you do.

Translated by Lee Sookmyoung

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