[e2news] Founded the Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout… Professor Pil-ryul Lee at the first president(English, Japanese)

Founded the Korea Society for Nuclear Phaseout… Professor Pil-ryul Lee at the first president

Reporter Lee Sang-bok


  • Promoting academic research on post-nuclear power and energy conversion led by former and current professors
  • Lee Pil-ryul “President Moon Jae-in declared “No More NPP”, but there is still a long way to go”
▲The president and executives of the Korean Society for Nuclear Phaseout are taking commemorative photos after the founding meeting.

“We will accumulate knowledge and research related to nuclear phaseout, no NPP and energy conversion in order to keep human life and environment safe and sustainable.”

An academic organization officially launched with the founding meeting dealing with related policies and international trends on the subject of ‘nuclear phaseout’ and ‘No NPP’. Although there are many domestic associations, organizations, and societies that conduct research on nuclear and radioactivity, this is the first time that an academic society has been established to study and discuss them from the opposite point of view.

On the 20th, the Korean Society for Nuclear Phaseout held a seminar that served as the founding meeting at the History Hall of Korea Broadcasting and Communication University in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Professor Lee Pil-ryul(Korea National Open University) was elected as the first president of the society, and Professor Sung Won-ki(Kangwon National University) and Professor Lee Won-young(Suwon University) were each elected vice-chairman.

In addition, emeritus professor of Seoul National University Jang Hoe-ik and chairman of the Ecological Environment Committee Kang Woo-il(bishop), and Won Buddhism CEO of Cheonji Boeun-hoe Lee Seon-jong were appointed as advisors.

Park Oh-bok, former professor of Sunchon National University, Yoo Se-jong, former professor of Hanshin University, Sang-Hoon Lee, Suwon University, Jeonbuk National University emeritus professor, Han Gyu-seok, Chonnam National University emeritus professor, Shin Ok-ju, Chonbuk National University professor, Yoon Yong-taek, Jeju National University professor, Lee Kyu-bong, Bae Jae University, Lee Seung-moo Director of the Research Center for Circular Economy, Lee Tae-gu, Saemyung University professor, and Kyung-cheol Lee Professor Jeon Jae-kyung, CEO of Natural Environment National Trust, was named as the director, and Professor Oh Chung-hyun of Dongguk University gave the name as an auditor.

The term of office for executives is two years. The application for approval of the Society is scheduled to be submitted to the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The Society decided to hold a spring-autumn conference from next year and share knowledge related to nuclear phaseout and energy conversion. First of all, in the spring conference next March, it was planned to hold an academic conference commemorating the 10th anniversary of Fukushima with the theme of ‘The Transformation of the German Atomic Energy Research Institute’.

In addition, a monthly webzine that delivers the latest information will be published, and a network with domestic and foreign expert groups will be formed to conduct research on the policy of nuclear phaseout and energy conversion. In addition, it was decided to share information on nuclear phaseout with overseas academics and to conduct research on technical and structural issues to overcome the dangers of nuclear power plants.

First president Pil-Ryul Lee stated in the purpose of establishment as follows. “Even though the President declared a nuclear-free in 2017, there is still a long way to go. We need to make a step-by-step implementation and take an active response to put the nuclear-free policy into action” and he said “We will lay the foundation for the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom at the global level in order for the global village to go out of nuclear power plant.”

Adviser Kang Woo-il emphasized the following in his keynote lecture at the founding meeting.
“Nuclear power is a troublemaker that surpasses technology and all capabilities, beyond human control” and “There are many countries around the world already implementing policies to phase out nuclear power plants. For this purpose, there is a trend to convert energy by developing a lot of renewable energy. We also abolish nuclear power plants in line with the global trend as soon as possible. And energy conversion is necessary that harmless to mankind and the planet.”

▲Pil-Ryul Lee, the first president of the society, is discussing the agenda of the founding meeting.

Translated by Lee Seungeun



・承認 2020.12.03 18:01


李ピルリョル会長”大統領 脱原発宣言したが道まだ遠く”



‘脱核’と’脱原子力発電所’を主題で関連政策と国際動向などを扱う学術団体が創立総会を持ち公式スタートした。 原子力・放射能関連研究を行っていく国内の団体や学会は多数だが反対の観点でこれを研究、議論する学会の発足は今回が初めてだ。

韓国脱核エネルギー学会は去る20日ソウル、鍾路区(チョンノグ)韓国放送通信大歴史館で創立総会を兼ねたセミナーを持った。 この席で学会はこの李ピルリョン放送大教授を初代学会長に、ソン・ウォンギ江原(カンウォン)大教授と李元栄(イ・ウォンヨン)水原(スウォン)大教授をそれぞれ副会長に選出した。

また、チャン・フェイク ソウル大名誉教授と姜・ウイル天主教主教会の生態環境委員長(主教),李ソンジョン円仏教天地報恩会代表を顧問で委嘱した。


役員任期は2年。 学会認可申請は科学技術情報通信部に出す予定だ。

脱核エネルギー学会は今後、春・秋期学術大会を開き脱核および脱原子力発電所とエネルギー転換関連知識を共有することにした。 まず来年3月の春季学術大会で’ドイツ原子力研究所の変貌’を主題に福島10周期記念学術会議を開く計画だ。


イ・ピルヨン初代学会長は設立趣旨書で”2017年大統領が脱原子力発電所を宣言したがまだ道が遠い。 脱核政策を実行に移せるように段階的移行を図り積極的な対応をしていかなければならない”とし”地球村が共に脱原子力発電所に進出して行くために地球村次元の知識と知恵の蓄積のために土台を固める”と明らかにした。

姜・ウイル顧問は創立総会基調講演で”核発電は人間が制御することはできない、技術とすべての能力を跳び越える事故の固まり施設”と述べ”すでに世界各国が原子力発電所を段階的に廃止しようとする政策を行っており、そのために新再生エネルギーを多く開発してエネルギーを切り替えようという趨勢だ。 私たちも一日も早く世界的傾向と歩調を合わせて核発電施設を廃棄して人類と地球に害のないエネルギーに切り替えなければならない”と強調した。

李サンボク記者 lsb@e2news.com


原文>> 한국탈핵에너지학회 창립…초대회장에 이필렬 교수 – ::: 글로벌 녹색성장 미디어 – 이투뉴스 (e2news.com) http://www.e2news.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=228365

Translated by Kuwano Yasuo

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