[Mediatoday] The economy is only able to survive when nuclear power plants are removed. The way to the Green New Deal through the “stranded Pandemic”

The economy is only able to survive when nuclear power plants are removed.
The way to the Green New Deal through the “stranded Pandemic”

by Prof Lee Wonyoung / Dir. of the Land Future Research Center

In November last Year, Pope Francis gave a message while visiting Japan. “There is not enough safety to guarantee that nuclear power plant will not be a disaster.” The use of nuclear energy has reached its limit. Three months later, Malaysia’s new prime minister Mahathir decided to stop the introduction of nuclear power plants that had been devised by the previous regime. “If there is a nuclear power plant, nuclear waste will accumulate and remain for a million years, and I do not want this country to be filled with garbage that has a bad impact on the world.”

The world is changing rapidly. a few days ago, TSMC, a rival company of Samsung Electronics in semiconductor business, joined RE100. RE100 is a voluntary campaign group of global companies to replace 100% of the used electric power with renewable energy more than 240 companies from around the world are participating.. The Green New Deal is a leading trend: Apple, Google, Walmart, Microsoft, and others have already achieved RE100 as of 2020. And LG Chem is also in the ranks. Samsung also stood at a crossroads.

Other industries are also : the trade path is getting stuck. As we’ve seen, 40% of the manufacturing may collapse in years.. The word is ‘I don’t know’, but it is already visible. For example, while writing this article, SK E &amp:C announced window-type solar power. If these innovations are generalized, the lagging technologies will become stranded,, and these stranded assets are already soaring in the industrial complexes of Ansan and Hwaseong and job collapse is inevitable. The Green New Deal quickly switch to energy-conversion jobs in an unprecedented crisis. We have to change the crisis into an opportunity.

The United States is persuasive about the claim to cover 100% of electricity demand with renewable energy within 10 years. According to Jeremy Rifkin, about 1 mullion people in the United States are already engaged in renewable energy and energy efficiency in 2017., five times the number of fossil fuel electrical industry employees. Including the employment of the concept of work, it is close to 3 million people. In addition, the average wage for these green jobs is 8% to 19% higher than other sectors.

The U. S. has seen explosive growth in solar power facilities 18 times the size of solar power facilities in eirht years since 2011. Graph Source Wikipedia

On this trend, Biden, the US presidential candidate declared to invest 2400 trillion won last month. It is a pledge that it will create 1 million new jobs while building clean energy infrastructure with this money for four years. It will build 1.5 million high-efficiency residential complexes with greenhouse gas reductions, upgrade 4 million existing buildings and 2 million residential facilities, and provide incentive for eco-friendly automobile production.

The nuclear power plant has already been declared dead. Investment bank Rajard(LAZARD) said that in the last eight years, solar power has achieved 86% and wind power has achieved 67% cost savings, while nuclear costs have risen 20%. Equalized power generation costs (LCOE) are much more expensive for nuclear power (112-118$/MWH) than solar power (35-46$/MWH) and wind power(29-56$/MWH). Equalized power generation costs are an evaluation index that devides the total cost of operating electricity production assets and operating them until the time of closure by total energy production. Private investors and international development banks and insurers have already turned their attention from nuclear power projects.

The energy supply trend in Japan (Japan Resources and Energy Agency data) is seen as the overall energy supply has decreased as 52 nuclear power plants have been shut down from 2011 to 2015.

The growth of energy consumption in Japan (Japan Resources and Energy Agency data) and the growth of GDP in 2011-2015, when 52 nuclear power plants were all-stoped, can be seen.

Japan has been making all-stop nuclear power plants from 2011 to 2015, but its total energy consumption has also decreased . and GDP has grown. What is it? The economy works well without nuclear power plants.

Some companies have already noticed this trend and have made innovations. Siemens is Europe’s largest power plant company that participated in all 17 nuclear power plants in Germany. After seeing the Fukushima accident in 2011, such companies declared that they would no longer do nuclear power plants. Since then, they have boldly changed their clothes to digital companies. Siemens has sold or separated 10 projects over the past decade , including railroad and energy, and is considered a leading company in the Green New Deal thanks to the innovation in the fossil fuel business as a stranded asset. It’s a bonus of conscience.

Italy, which has already closed all four nuclear power plants, sought to reintroduce them in 2008, but was relocated as a nuclear power plant with an overwhelming referendum of 90% after the Fukushima accident.

The Korean government is also moving fast, and is eager to create 1.9 million jobs in the New Deal, which includes IT, which will invest 160 trillion won by 2025. There is also a critical point of view. ‘It should a Green New Deal that has a more direct effect on climate crisis and seeks democratic and horizontal solidarity’. But you can not be satisfied with the first-step. The shift is largely dependent upon initiatives of individuals and companies.

Covid-19 is accelerating change and it is now an unprecedented emergency. To survive the inevitable ‘stranded pandemic’, we must quickly treat the pain of withdrawal and upgrade it to a healthy body. It is time to have a special policy of one stone triad.

The important thing is governance, The process of empathy is essential to quickly bring out the jobs of the stranded industry to the jobs of the Green New Deal. There should be a flow of confidence and willingness to change based on the process of utilizing new knowledge and sharing the results. The governance requires a different administrative approach from the past.

Then, above all, incentive should be given to inform and sympathize . The plan is to consider the government’s support if individuals, unions, or companies make notice in relation to the Green New Deal. As the energy information Culture Foundation has provided media support to the public in the past. If the Green New Deal advertizedment is posted, the government will support some of the cost. This makes it easier for the private sector to ind and supplent the government’s insignificant parts. There is also a strong regulation on fake news distortion news, but there should be such a strategy to use the media.

Another thing the government will focus on is the rapid change of the nuclear engineering department , which will becomea ‘strike asset’ in line with the nuclear dismantling research institute, which will begin construction next year. Foe example, KIT University of Technology in Germany is systematically training human resources through industry=academia-linked programs for dismantling nuclear power plants. This ‘nuclear disingration ecosystem’ is worth a copy. For universities that want to switch to departments, the government gives great incentives for research and industry-academia=-inked. It is good to give a solid signal to tens of thousands of nuclear workers who are moving back and forth between ‘no hope’ and ‘blue ocean’. The media of fate to be stranded, which is obsessed with the assets to be stranded and blurs the eyes of the people, should be treated without mercy.

Original Article >> http://www.mediatoday.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=208961

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