[Busan.com] ‘Civilian Nuclear Safety and Security Commission(NSSC)’ Establishment of Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear power plants(PRCDN)

‘Civilian Nuclear Safety and Security Commission(NSSC)’ Establishment of Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear power plants(PRCDN)

Inauguration ceremony held on the 17th and activities started …
Private organization led by human resources of no-nuke civil society

Reporter Song Hyeon-soo

September 17, 2020

Suwon University professor Lee Won-young(third from left) and Lee Hee-young(third from right) who is center’s advisory attorney are taking commemorative photos with the preparatory members at the “Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear power plants(PRCDN) Inauguration Ceremony” held at 2 p.m. on the 17th in the small meeting room at the 2nd floor of Seoul Bar Association. ⓒPRCDN

“A nuclear power plant is a much more complex machine than a car. Nuclear accident is more dangerous than war. Because it does not allow trial & error, it cannot be called a technology. The nuclear power plant is a structure that has many secrets from the beginning. Such concealment makes us more anxious. It is very difficult for outsiders to detect danger of nuclear power plants. Even if inside workers suggest, they are often ignored or concealed. The most efficient way to reveal any danger is internal whistle-blowing, in other word, public interest information. It’s not difficult for outsiders to get it right if you are aware of the danger in advance at right time.”

A private organization that receives public interest information on many kinds of dangerous matters and illegal activities in the nuclear field, and files a suit if necessary or urges the authorities to respond, was formed and began to work in earnest.

In afternoon of the 17th, Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear power plants(PRCDN) held an inauguration ceremony at the Seoul Bar Association Building and made its plans for future activities public.

The center was founded by the following people.
Kwak Nojin (100 members of New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes)
Kim Byunggap (No-Nuke activist in Ulsan area)
Ryu Doohyun (IT Engineer)
Moon Indeok (Nuclear power plants engineer, engineer)
Sung Wonki (Professor, Kangwon National University, Electric Engineering)
Yoo Wonil (Former Member of the National Assembly, Mechanical Engineer)
Lee Seungeun (Secretary of New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes)
Lee Wonyoung (Professor, The University of Suwon, National Planning)
Lee Hyanglim (Journalist, Animal Protector)

The center is a private organization that is more or less equivalent to Nuclear Safety & Security Commission, a government agency.

The center plans to review the possibility of punishment for illegal matters by focusing on the following matters.
△ All reports from the site of the nuclear power plant (whistle blowing) △Radioactive hazards such as radioactively contaminated water in Japan or radioactive food contamination △ Radioactive exposure of nuclear power plant workers △ Operational risk of nuclear power plant such as danger of defective transformers △ Illegal licenses of nuclear power plants and illegal activities of officials of KHNP and Nuclear Safety And Security Commission, and dangers of duty dereliction.

Request for reporting of public interest. ⓒPRCDN

In addition, it plans to seek sanctions on dissemination of false press articles regarding nuclear power plants, fake U-tube news, and rumors.

An official from the center said, “We plan to deal with technical issues with the most important information from the field, and also deal with the risk issues related to nuclear power plants in whole society.“

The official pointed out that “Government declared nuclear phase-out policy, but safety measures have not improved significantly. Like advanced countries cross-monitoring of nuclear dangers is necessary. But the system is not yet in place.“

The official argued, “In Germany the government and the authorities in charge are cross-monitoring with the concept of ‘four eyes monitoring’. French Parliament has direct authority over safety monitoring. NRC(Nuclear Regulatory Commission) of U.S. has a structure that allows Congress to cross-monitor nuclear safety.” The official added, “However, we are not getting out of incestuous structure in which the nuclear administration is in charge of monitoring.“

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