Target donation for inviting legal advisors to the Public Center for Reporting the Dangers of Nuclear power plants

Target donation for inviting legal advisors to the Public Center for Reporting the Dangers of Nuclear power plants

The reasons why Korea’s coping with the Covid-19 epidemics are excellent are:
First, decision-making by both the government and the private organization was quick; Second, even though quarantine belongs to the public domain, the nonofficial organizations have actively responded to the public values, supplementing the government’s deficiencies that are likely to occur in such an occasion; Third, in the process of rapid licensing of the diagnostic kit, the accuracy is improved through cross-inspection of efficiency of other products Dangers of Nuclear power plants

The same goes for monitoring nuclear power plants. Nuclear power technology is the technology whose mistakes or failures must not be tolerated. If some mistakes are made, that will bring about the immediate annihilation of the country. Since such a fatal technology is turned into that of nuclear weapon and nuclear energy, humanity is in danger. When Pope Francis visited Japan last year he said, “The use of nuclear energy has reached its limit, we cannot guarantee that it will not bring about disaster.“

However, the reality of our nuclear power plant is serious. Despite the president’s declaration of de-nuclear power plant, still the blind faith in safety of nuclear power plant that nuclear power followers stick to is prevailing. Another problem is the structure of entrusting ‘safety’ only to the Nuclear Safety and Security commission, a bureaucratic organization. Like Germany we have to undergo a foudroyant transition, and at the same time we should absolutely prevent any unexpected danger. In our way to de-nuclear power, we have to catch two rabbits. This is the lesson we get from the achievement of the Covid-19 quaratine: the nonofficial must also cope with the danger.

The ‘Academy of Safe/Risk Technology Problems of Nuclear Power Plants’ held by Public Center for Reporting the Dangers of Nuclear Power plants last autumn was a great success. The lecture videos are being released on YouTube.
The materials are at

You can also see articles contributed to the press at

The Center is officially launched this fall. It will be managed by way of volunteer system except for some working-level affairs. Now we are taking an in-depth look at the need for judicial sanctions.

  1. Radioactive hazards such as waste from Daejeon Atomc Energy Research Institute, radioactive contaminated water in Japan, and radioactive food contamination
  2. Risk of steam generators at nuclear power plants such as Uljin nuclear power plants, Nuclear power plant workers’ radioactive exposure, Risk of bad transformer, Risk of operation of nuclear power plants such as containment of Yeonggwang nuclear power plants
  3. Risks due to nuclear power plant licensing, illegal acts and delinquency of duties by the ‘Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power’ and ‘Nuclear Safety And Security Commission’ or officials
  4. Problems caused by media’s false reports of nuclear power plant, fake YouTube news, and rumors
    We will focus on the above matters and simultaneously examine the possibility of punishment for illegal matters. To do so, we need to have a legal advisor who will do the legal review. Before proceeding with a full-fledged lawsuit, it is essential for us to have the tentative judgment reached by lawyer through examination of the public interest and the possibility of punishment from various angles.

In other words, when the Center gets down to its job it can have the crimes punished systematically and thereby contribute greatly to safety. The act of illegality and corruption at the very spot of nuclear power plant will be prevented , reporting will be active, and safety will be upgraded. However, the judgment in advance is not easy. It can be reached through a lot of collected information and highly intensive review. Thus the corresponding compensation should be given to that job.

Finally, we would like to invite three legal advisors. The Preparatory committee plans to raise 1 million won per person per month for a year by target donation. Thus, preliminary reviews by legal advisors are regularly reported and shared with sponsors. The Center will invite them publicly through Minbyun, and the supporters will pay them for their advising in their names. It is a “target donation” borrowing the concept of so-called ‘target date fund’ It is a concept of fundraising with targets(goals).

There is an example of target donation: ‘333 Project’ to stop the four major river projects 10 years ago. Professor Lee Wonyoung has successfully conducted a campaign to donate the cost of 333 bus rentals so that 10,000 people can experience the self-cleaning ability of our rivers. The original shape of our river cherished in the hearts of those who participated in the ‘333 Project’ becomes the driving force for the re-naturalization of the four major rivers.

The donation amount is set at a minimum of 5,000 won and maximum of 50,000 won per person per month so that many people can participate. The fundraising goal is set at 5 million won per month. In the case of a criminal/civil lawsuit proceeding through the review of an legal advisor, another litigation team will be formed. The donation is set for a year since the center officially set sails. After a year we can make a decision again in view of one year result.

Recently we see the Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection showing unconstitutional behavior in relation with nuclear power plant. We also have a case of high-ranking public official who illegally spent enormous amount of money on extending the life of the Wolseong Unit 1. These are the cases against which a civil or criminal lawsuit can be raised according to the judgment of the Center’s legal advisors. We can also take an legal action in international solidarity against Japan’s sea discharge of radioactive water. The system with strong unconstitutional factors among the existing nuclear-related laws are subject to litigation review. Above all, we want to inflict a strict punishment upon fake news and carefully watch out for the safety of the site.

Those who donate will automatically be a member of the Center and with whom the news of the Center will always be shared. I intend to greet the National Liberation Day with starting to restore safety from the nuclear mafia. The Center will officially set sail in mid-September. We really hope to be with us.

Around the National Liberation Day in August 2020

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