[The Hankyoreh 2020-07-30] Nuclear power plants must fail and will be in danger.(English, Japanese)

Nuclear power plants must fail and will be in danger.

You Won-il (Former Assemblyman, Consultant of Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants)

After I majored in mechanical engineering, I had 20 years of experience in mechanical design and patents in the field, although I always thought that nuclear power plants were dangerous, but in fact, I began to see them even more seriously after the Fukushima accident when I was a member of the National Assembly.

The nuclear power plant is an extremely dangerous facility that secures the lives of the people, so even though the exercise of voting rights by the people was required, it was only to ask the opinions of the residents around the facility. In fact, the nuclear power plant has never received national consent. Compared to the extreme risk that threatens the lives and safety of the people, the proportion of national electricity supply is about a quarter.

Despite the fact that the reason for existence of the state or society is the protection of individual life and safety and property, national sovereignty over the safety of the people and territories is being ignored as the ultra-long-term core policies such as nuclear power plants that threaten safety are decided. The people, who are the owners of the state, have no choice but to endure invasion of life and health without consent or even awareness.

In Korea, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security does everything about nuclear power plants. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power under the Ministry of Public Administration and Security are in charge of the construction of the nuclear power plant, and the Nuclear Safety And Security Commission under the Ministry of Public Administration and Security conducts monitoring. Developed countries in Europe have strict nuclear power risk management, so the parliament is also monitoring it. The U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC) also controls its internal auditor’s office directly by Congress. On the other hand, in Korea, there are very few members of the National Assembly recommendation, and their role is very limited. Proper surveillance not only prevents risks, but also clearly knows what the law is missing. The “necessity of systematic measures” derived from surveillance is the basis of legislation.

Recently, problems due to mechanical defects have been raised in various places in nuclear power plants. As these problems are based on the fundamental technical defects, they overshadowed the so-called major media’s claim that Korean reactors are excellent.

Since the machine is made of metal, it has the property of physically and chemically deforming when force or heat is applied. In order to ensure durability, it is designed in consideration of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and pressure resistance. However, no matter how perfect the design is, it cannot take into account all the characteristics of materials or manufacturing processes that have not been mechanically identified. Breakdowns happen unexpectedly and are in danger. In other words, it is clear that the safety cannot be absolute, and of course there is a lifespan. No matter how accurately designed, it is miraculously difficult for tens of thousands of nuclear power plant parts to be maintained normally. A situation without trouble is rather abnormal.

Nuclear power plants are facilities that do not tolerate mistakes or failures. No, it is unacceptable. Engineering is a field in which scientific principles are technically advanced based on trial and error. General machinery can be removed, repaired, or replaced with parts, but nuclear power plants do not tolerate such trial and error. Therefore, they are busy hiding such mistakes rather than revealing them. The physiology of the organization is to hide and process it rather than being reprimanded. The problem is here. Then, problems that need to be addressed properly are easy to be neglected, and if they overlap by chance, it leads to a big accident. Three Mile, Chernobyl, and Fukushima are those names.

Therefore, as numerous technicians and scientists are raising the safety issue of nuclear power plants, the government is obligated to openly inspect nuclear power plant technology or safety issues and inform the public of the results. If there are any errors as indicated, it is obligatory to correct them. Recently, public officials related to K-quarantine, which are also recognized worldwide, have revealed their small mistakes and apologized. It’s too different.

Viruses come out with vaccines and treatments, but radioactivity has no vaccines and treatments. Everyone should keep in mind.

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ユウォンイル (前国会議員・原発危険公益情報提供センター(準)諮問委員)











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