[452] 2020-02-24 Law of Serbian No-NPP


The Current Status of Nuclear Power Plants in Europe (2009)

Serbia has enacted and long operated legislation to ban nuclear power plants since Chernobyl. It has been the case since the days of Yugoslavia, unlike the surrounding Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.
The information and literature related to this were investigated by Lee Seung-eun, secretary of the New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes, and posted on the website of the Korean Society of Denuclear Energy(under organization). Today, I introduce this article.
“The anti-nuclear system adopted by Serbia shortly after Chernobyl.”

February 24, 2020

Currently, there are no nuclear power plants in Serbia.

Previously, the Vina Nuclear Institute had operated two Soviet-supplied reactors (RA, RB).,On October 15, 1958, a serious accident occurred in one of the research reactors, exposing six workers to a large amount of radiation, one of them died immediately.
Since then the nuclear research program ended in 1968 and the reactor was turned off in 1984.
A nationwide campaign was launched to ban nuclear power use since the Chernobyl accident in 1986. In 1989, they prohibited the construction of nuclear power plants, the manufacture of nuclear fuels, and reprocessing facilities for used nuclear fuels, and enacted the laws that criminalized all activities (in formerly Yugoslavia era).

After the division of the United States of Yugoslavia into several countries, with the adoption of the new law on 10 March 1995, controversial laws related to nuclear crimes were deleted, but the previous grace was retained. The majority of people and politicians still support a waiver on nuclear use.

In other words, Serbia has enacted and operated a bill that prohibits nuclear power plants since Chernobyl, which has been in operation for a long time since the days of Yugoslavia. It is different from the surrounding countries, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

In 2005, the Serbian Republic Congress enforced this law in the territory of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette FRY 12/95 and Official Gazette RS 85/05).
The contents prohibit the construction of nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel manufacturing plants, and reprocessing plants of the used nuclear fuel.
As a result, there is no consideration or plan for all types of reactor operations and facilities to manage nuclear fuel currently used in the nuclear power plants of the Republic of Serbia.,Therefore, there is no plan to install, design, construct or operate the used nuclear fuel facilities.

Recently, Russia has been pushing for a research reactor, not a nuclear power plant, in Serbia, but according to current regulations, nuclear facilities can not be built in Serbia.

However, there has been moves to abolish the 1995 law or limit it to at least 10 years over the past few years. Signed by an intergovernmental agreement at the Atom Expo meeting in May 2018, there has been a review of the technical possibilities for the use of nuclear power, but its implementation is unclear.

The text that introduces the text and related literature is on the following site.

체르노빌 직후 세르비아가 채택한 원전금지제도

The Serbian case has important significance for No-Nukes movement.
In the future, it will be necessary to study the case of Serbia more deeply and to investigate and study the cases of countries that prohibit nuclear power plants by law.

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