[453]~[454] 2020-02-25~26 Review the 1st Europe Pilgrimage

I started pilgrimage from Christmas in December, 2019. I walked in 4 countries including Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia for two months. The distance I walked was 964 km. This pilgrimage was significant in the sense that I meet other civilization which I did not get accustomed to.


1. The scheduled destination of this pilgrimage was Smederevo, which was located at Danube river which was near from Belgrade. I leave the remaining 88 km empty. I will write that this course was stopped by COVID-19.

2020 LIFEROAD Summer Schedule 02-15 (1)

2. Summer pilgrimage will start at Semderevo. If things go well, I will follow the schedule above. It would be better if I can walk together with members of 100 committee supporting Silk Road for Life & No-nuke. Anyone can walk according to one’s own pace.

3. Many countries in Europe had hardships because of radioactive fallout from Chernobyl. The radioactive problem is still lingering in some regions. Among the four countries I walked in, only Greece is publicized information about radioactive damage. The other three countries do not reveal information. From now on, I will walk in the countries which make the information public.


4. Moreover I will walk in the countries which have nuclear power plant such as Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czecho etc. I would like to pay more attention to nuclear power plants in these countries.

My major is urban planning/national land planning. While I walk, I tried to keep the eyes of planner. I observed the landscape, the buildings, and people from the viewpoint of civilization in times of climate crisis. I wrote it down and took pictures as soon as new ideas come to my mind. I am arranging the writings by themes. When I finish the work, I would like to report to the experts in various fields through this site.
I will get on the plane on February 28, and arrive at Korea on 29th. I finish the winter pilgrimage diary. It will be continued from this summer again. I would like to express my thanks to those people who translated this diary in Japanese and English. I give my hearty thanks to all people who supported my pilgrimage.


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