[442] 2020-02-14 Rainwater & Earth

Bela Palanka ~
Nature Park Sicevo Canyon


1. The cover photo shows the drizzled scenery around the Nisava River, a tributary of the Danube River. There are railways and high-voltage lines ahead and a large mountain peak covered with white snow in a distance between two nearby mountains. Nature and civilization are in one scene.


2. I was going to walk about 23km, but I walked only 16km for safety reasons.


3. I took the train to Bela Palanka Station, my departure point. I arrived at 8:30.


4. I go through the city. I feel like that the villagers do not welcome Asian traveler because of the coronavirus in these days.




6. The grass football field outside the neighborhood. The mountain behind the village is nice view.






9. I thought it was a multi-family apartment,


10. But it’s a shoe factory. It’s a nice building for a factory.


11. A slope to be built into a vineyard.


12. Raindrops begin to thicken.


13. Rest and search for news. Even in these quiet places, I can connect to the global network. It’s a great world.
Fortunately, the Australian forest fires are out. Thanks to rain.


14. A storage unit with straw.


15. Beyond the nearby front mountains, I see a snowy mountain in the distance.

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16. This is the cover photo. The drizzling scenic view around the Nisava River, a tributary of the Danube River. There are railways and high-voltage lines ahead and a large mountain peak covered with white snow in a distance between two nearby mountains. Nature and civilization are in one scene.


17. I walk the rainy streets for a long time. It seems that the rainy days have been much less during the last one and a half month even in the rainy season.




19. I see the rocky mountains. It’s a way into the canyon. The name of the canyon is Sicevo Canyon.


20. Watching the scenery, I am already at the entrance to the tunnel.


21. There are ten long or short tunnels in a 6km stretch, and there are only two car lanes i.e. no lane for walker. It is impossible to walk through this stretch.


22. Today I decided to stop walking and take the bus back.


23. Wait for a bus in the simple stop in rain. My backpack and a straw hat.


24. As I waited, I remembered the farming method that I thought over in Greece. All four countries that I walked through do not keep the rainwater for future use. Wheat farming and livestock rearing are important in these countries. For this agriculture, the land must be moderately dry. It is better to have no trees in the pastures. In this situation, when it rains, it will either be soaked into the ground or flowed to the river.


25. But if it permeate underground, it takes time to get to the ground. The amount of evaporation is inevitably reduced. What happens after a hundred years and two hundred years? It’s not a circular way.
In comparison, the surface water in the place where rainwater is fresh water like in rice paddy is evaporated and circulated. Desertification is prevented.


26. Ancient civilization sites were destroyed by the accumulation of salt in the farmland by drawing river water to wheat farming.
The river water was usually groundwater that had been in contact with rock salt. Civilizational birthplaces were deserted for these reasons. In the Ganges River basin in India they do not stock, so there is a lot of snow melt water in Himalayas. It is sustainable.
Rainwater is important, it is the grammar in the climate crisis era.
I will continue to review.


27. I wait about half an hour and the bus comes.


28. Take a bus and enjoy the canyon.


29. The scene I took when I came by train in this morning.




31. I arrived by bus at Nis City, where I have a hostel.
Tomorrow, I’ll walk to here.

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