[427] 2020-01-30 Letter from Bulgaria


To those people who support pilgrimage:

I crossed North Macedonian border and came to Bulgaria, the third European country in my pilgrimage. Total distance I walked in Europe so far is 604 km.



The Hani newspaper posted my article today.

Korean>> http://www.hani.co.kr/arti/opinion/column/926276.html

English>> https://liferoad.org/2020/01/31/the-hankyoreh-2020-01-30-can-we-you-accept-pro-nuclear-power-plants/

The article contains the thoughts I summarized while I walk.

The original title of the article was “Pro-nukes is a rebillion against the nation and the earth”, but the editor changed the title.


New Coronavirus is a new shock and horror for the Earth village. I am worried about Korea. It may spread during incubaion period, which makes a real problem.

Another concern is the indication which was discussed at the seminar regarding Chinese nuclear power plants in December, 2019. The Chines government may lose control of nuclear power plants in the midst of such chaos, and nuclear accident might take place. In case of virus, there is a prescription like vaccine. But in case of nuclear radiation, it lasts almost eternally. Nuclear radiation has no prescription to control it.

I am going to lookout for a while and make a decision. It seems that my final decision would be made when I reach Sophia. Fortunately Korean Wave is also preval‎ent in Europe and many people know about Korea. I wish your health in time of such crisis.


Lee, Won Young

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