[412] 2020-01-15 Rest and Letter


I’ve been sitting in a cafe and restaurant all day long.

And I take care of the delayed jobs, including this spring semester lecture plan.

Also I wrote letters to my acquaintances.


To respectable walk together in the ages.

The New Year’s Day is bright.
For about three weeks I have walked from Greece (Athens) to North Macedonia.
The walking distance is 350 kilometers.

The daily pilgrimage diary is introduced on Daum cafe.


The Profs, Lee Sang-hoon and Park Bae-sig have translated diaries into English. They are also posted on the English homepage.


Walking along, I am also observing the global climate crisis problem.

I’m going to tell you that the Suwon Univ. that I’m in conflict with, has not approved my sabbatical schedule in spring semester in 2020. Therefor I have to return to school at the end of February and do the daily work in Univ. .

I am sorry to tell you who are supporting me and my pilgrimage that the original schedule of arrival at Rome in this summer will be delayed to someday next year.

Even though we only walk during the vacations, I would like to tell you that we can reach to the Vatican, Rome in mid-August next year 2021.


If things go that way, We will walk over the Alps during the next two weeks from late June 2021.

And I also introduce my column that was reported on Media Today.

“To the irritating media against de-nuclear power generation movement. Stupid, the problem is ‘Safety’ .”

Recently, a webzine was published to prepare for the founding of the Denuclear Energy Society which deals with energy problems and nuclear power plant problems in China.


In parallel with the lecture in Korea from March, I would like to discuss with many experts to prepare more academic events on climate crisis and nuclear safety issues.
Be healthy! Take care of yourself.

Jan. 15 2020.

Prof. Lee Won-Young in Europe.

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