[404] 2020-01-07 Rest and Plan

Leptokarya ~ Litochoro Station


1. As soon as I wake up, I am waiting for the sunrise in the room.


2. The sun, which has already risen above the horizontal line but is trapped in the clouds.

The sun holds out its head.
I walked six days until yesterday.
Today, I’m taking a break and planning.

3. However, the new course is tough.
It is not an easy job. I have to carry the luggage alone and move to the hostel and walk continuously every day.
Until now, there were railways along the walking course and the main stations had accommodations, so it was a relatively smooth course. From now on, I have to look for a good walking course to Macedonia. It is as difficult as solving higher-order equations. It may take a week or so.


4. The railway follows only about 2/3 of the way, but the problem is that it is also difficult to use the public bus in the remnant 1/3 course.

If you don’t have a railroad, you can plan a bus, but in Greece, where the population density is low, you can’t find the bus stop information.
More importantly, there was no hotel adjacent to the railway station. In the remaining one-third of the course, movement , accommodation, and passing through the border are not easy job.
In the meantime, I should walk 20 ~ 25km every day. Also I am going to tour the city of Thessaloniki in the Bible’s “Thessalonika The First”.

When I reviewed the course, the most problematic thing was that there was no hotel in Adendro, which was located in the middle of 135 kms and had the last railway station. I hoped to find a hotel at Platy station. There was one, but it was out of business when I made a call for reservation.

In the middle of a review. I decided to go to Adendro myself. I hoped to find a guesthouse which is missed on the web information..

5. I went to Leptokarya railway station to take the train; train timetable.


6. It took 40 minutes by train from Leptokarya. I looked around the town and see no sign of hostels.
I rethinked it on the train back.

Inevitably I have to commute to the hotel of Thessalonika.
Thus, the following plan was proposed

슬라이드3 (2)

7. 7 days walking plan on the map.

8. Three days later, on January 10th, I will travel to the Thessaloniki carrying luggage. And I have to walk steadily the other days.
For smooth walking schadule, I need to walk about 8 kms near to the railway station.


9. A picture on the wall. I ate lunch in this restaurant.


10. I ate fried anchovies for lunch. It is a good taste. It is fried raw anchovies.
Onions and garlics on the lower right dish were special orders for me in the kitchen. 12 euros.


11. 2 hours walking along the Aegean Sea.


12. Departure from the Dionisos Hotel.


13. With the protection of Olympus.


14. Walk along the costline of the Aegean Sea.


15. After a while, the summit of Olympus is visible.


16. The Aegean Sea looks 180 degrees. It is confirmed that the Earth is round. There are still people who believe that the Earth is flat.


17. Arrive at Litochoro station.


18. A nice ad I saw in the village on the way to the hostel.

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