[399] 2020-01-02 Solar Energy

Stefanovikeio Station~ Kypseli Station


1~2. The map shows the hours of sunshine. Solar panels in Greece.

3. In the forenoon, I will move my baggage from Volos to Larisa, 60km, by train. In the afternoon, I will walk.

4. I am leaving the shelter where I have stayed for 3 days.

5. Next shelter is near Larisa station.

6. I ate beef soup for lunch.


7. When I taste greasy, I order a special food to the waiter. I show the picture of garlic, and ask if it may be served. Every kitchen has garlic. The garlic is an invigorant for me.

8. I went back to the whistle stop which was yesterday’s destination. I went to the big road and started to walk at 1:30 in the afternoon. I will walk 13 km to the next whistle stop.


9. Many travelers from all over Europe wait for this train to go to Volos.


10. I had a short conversation with train crew, and took a selfie with her. The ladies in this village are good at posing for selfie.

11. I said “Bye!” to this train at the whistloe stop and started to walk.





13. There were large-scale solar panels on the way to big road.



14. I heard a bad news today. The Suwon University sent a message. My application for sabbatical leave was not accepted. It must be a bad new for my pilgrimage. I have to go back to school in the end of February, and do the lectures in spring semester. I have to adjust my plan. I have to start again my pilgrimage at the end of June. I am in the fighting mode with the university. This is one of the alternatives which I guessed. But, this unhappy happening is uncomfortable. I feel sorry for those peole who expected my pilgrimage to be continued. In worst situatoin, if I go on pilgrimage during vacations I will arrive at Vatican in summer of 2021. I would like to comfort myself that I can arrive at Rome next year.


15. I sipped coffee at a make-shift coffee shop. The taste was bitter because of the bad news.


16. This is typical outer appearance of Greek house. The table and chair are arranged under the roof.


17. Grass soccer field is found everywhere. It is fortunate for Korea to beat Greek soccer team.


18. With a close look, I could see solar panels beyond soccer field.


19.This kind of straight road is good for thinking.


20. I saw my shade.

21. I tried to take pictures of my walking shade in succession.

22. They make fertinizer from manures of livestock at this place.




24. Greece does not have nuclear power plants just like ordinary European countries. Greece imported oil and gas, and used lots of brown coal. However, there is some change during past 10 years. The solar generation of electricity per capita is the 5th level in the world.


As of 2017, the ranking of countries which use more solar energy is as follows: Italy 8.0%, Greece 7.4%, Gernamy 7.1%. Around 2011 there was an economic crisis in Greece. Greek government decided to invest in solar energy in order to overcome the crisis. They borrowed money from Germany and other European countries. To tell the truth, raw material of solar energy is free of charge. The construction cost of solar energy is getting lower and lower exponentially every year. If a village adopts solar energy system, it makes money. The solar energy must be a profitable alternative in the era of climate crisis. Greece is a global model of ‘sell the sunshine and stimulate economy’.



26. Guide map of Larisa region. I thought this graffiti was also Greek-style.

27. The mountains run in parallel with me.




29. Large-scale solar panels.

30. As I approach to today’s destination, the Sun is going to set.




32. In the train coming back, this lady read eagerly the pamphlet which I gave her. And, she asked a few questions. Then, sh raised her thumb up. This train provides good place for taking selfie.

33. When I returned to hotel, the owner of the hotel told me that his son is learning Taekwondo. This boy was waiting for me. I took a selfie with the boy.

34. This is a picure of Taekwondo in his smart phone. Korea has lots of good things to the world.

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