[396] 2019-12-30 Straw Hat

to Volos

1. According to original schedule, I was supposed to ride ship to go from Chalkida to Volos. However, when I arrived at Chalkida I found out that there was no ship for travelers. There was ship service only during summer. I thought about many alternatives and decided that I go to Volos by train otherwise the schedule will be delayed. I would like to come back again sometime and go this course by ship.

2. I took a selfie with the worker at the front desk.


3. At ticket office of Chalkida station.

4. There was a sailing boat at the place where I took a picture.




6. This is appearance of slow-moving train before I transfer to main-line express train.


7. I was waiting at cafe & restaurant of Inoi station for transfer. The straw hat on the table is not an ordinary hat. Several months ago, I was taking a walk with respectable Choi Yeom who was a descendant of ‘Family of Wealthy Choi in Kyeongjoo’. This hat keeps his energy since he bought me this hat personally. His energy is energy of ‘noblesse oblige’.

8. A painting on the wall of the cafe.

9. Both paintings seem to be famous painting.

My relationship with respectable Choi Yeom goes back to ‘problem of private university’.

I was punished, mandatory dismissal, by President of Suwon University in early 2014.

I was studying the roots of ‘private university corruption’. Yeong Nam university was the origin of corruption. The (old) Daegu University was established by civilian donator. Afterwards Daegu University was transformed into a private univeristy by authority and became private property.

10. Family of Wealthy Choi which has been famous for several centuries, built old Daequ University in cooperation with local influential persons by donating the wealth which was left after supporting independence movement. The university was made following Seowon which was traditional academy school. The management of Daequ University was entrusted to Lee Byung Cheol of Samsung Group. He offered the university to Park Jeong Hee who was in power at that time. President Park made the university as a private property and his daughter Park Geun Hye has controlled the university so far. The illegal possession of the university should be corrected in order to succeed the traditional value and modern education. The Academic Association of University had a seminar on this theme and gave an opportunity for respectable Choi Yeon to testify about the truth.


11. After the seminar, fierce controversy about the illegal possession of the university continues. Now professor Choi Yoi Chool is sued by Professors Association of Youngnam University. However the legal procedure is delayed by prosecution. Since the act of Agency for Investigation of Corrupted High-ranking Public Officials was passed by National Assembly, I expect this problem to be solved in the near future.

This is one of the unsolved the problems of modern history of our country.

I hope this problem will be wolved in 2020, 101th anniversary of 3.1 independence movement.

12. This straw hat on the table has a history. The food of skewered pork was very delicious.

While I eat the lunch, I thought of respectable Choi Yeom who bought me many lunches. I felt like absorbing his spirit and energy.


13. Inoi station for transfer.


14. Main-line train goes to Larisa station. It seemed to be a little bit faster than Saemaeul train in our country.



16. At Larisa station, I was going to transfer to train. Then the official of the station asked me to ride a bus. Later I found out that there was frequent bus service from railway station to Volos.

17. It took one and half hour for me to arrive at Volos by bus.

18. Looking at the map, Volos seems to be a port with natural advantages.


19. Though I felt a bit of regret since I did not cross the sea, it was nice to see night sea.

20. I ate octopus for supper. The price was 12 euro.

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