[394] 2019-12-28 Sfendali Episode

Sfendali Station ~ Inoi Station


1. I went to the Sfendali station early in the morning by train that I could not find the day before yesterday. I arrived at 9 o’clock. It is a whistle stop without station attendant as I thought.

2. I went to the rotary about 500 m away from the station.


3. The guidepost of rotary

4. I had the luck to meet the driver to drive me there. I took a picture at the rotary of roundabout form.

5. There is no information about Stendali station in the guidepost in the neighborhood of station. That means this station is used only by the people in this village and its administration never anticipate the foreigners like me will use the station.

While I have walked 5000 km so far, never once have I missed my destination or lost my way. Even without the guidepost I can find my destination with map even in the night. This station is the only place that I wander about to find. Accident by accident will happen to make the mishap of this kind.

The mishap I met during my pilgrimage can be recovered, but the mishaps by nuclear power is fatal to the humanity and the earth. Mr. Gotomashi, a Japanese engineer of nuclear power who lectured sometime ago said, “technology is developed through mistake and failure, but in nuclear power mistake and failure cannot be allowed. Thus nuclear power is not a technology.”

Therefore it is the mistake that what should be dealt only as the subject of research in scientific area comes out to the world as means of the industry of making-money.


6. The course of today is very simple, and the distance I have to walk is 20 km.


7. quiet street


8. The signpost that warns us of the appearance of roe or deer. This road has an ecological atmosphere.


9. The mountains of Greece are very familiar with me, maybe because they are craggy like Korean mountains.


10. While I am walking on this quiet road, in the telegram I belong to a hot debate on the safety of nuclear power is going on. Though my body is in this quiet street of a foreign country far away, my mind is turned on that debate. I wake up to the realization of the fact that we live in the age of connection.


11. The public signpost is written only in the Greek language. EU flag is also painted there.


12. The geographical features of mountain here remind me of the Youngchuk Mountain in the temple, Tongdosa.


13. There is a village at the foot of the mountain to which the road leading is very impressive, so I continuously took the picture of a running car.


14. This man in the mart that I stopped by welcomed me, and he told me to pay for me the beverage I chose to buy.


15. The selfie with some family shopping in the mart. I handed them my pamphlet and explained it in brief.


16. The building with solar facilities on the rooftop.






19. When I was walking for a while after passing Avlon village,


20.This young man approached me, saying loudly ‘hello’ in Korean, “안녕하십니까?” He said he was very interested in Korea. This selfie of mine is impressive. It was very windy so I wore the straw hat.

21. After some minutes he left me, he came to me again with his father by his car who took a trip to Korea in 1986.


22. Waving good-bye….


23. A distant view of Avlon village under a good physical features of mountain.


24. They breed deer as a group but in a wide yard where deer play freely.


25. They made solar power in the empty space by the highway


26. The young coffeeshop owner in the neighborhood village of my destination. He insisted that he would offer me a cup of free coffee. This is the Greek hospitality. I gave him the pamphlet. The Greek people seem to connect and read the English homepage immediately after they receive the pamphlet.


27. The Ioni station, my destination of today. It has station attendant, even though very small.

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