[393] 2019-12-27 Letter to Friends

To respectable people who walk along with me in spirit:

I resumed pilgrimage and walked three days from Athens.
I decided to take rest today in order to move to next shelter and to control condition of myself.

This picture shows the view of Chalkida hotel where I stayed for three days.

The pilgrim’s diary can be found at homepage of both Korean and English.

The year 2019, which was 100th anniversary of 3.1 independence movement, is receding. Just like you, I have been busy in 2019. In February, I met His Holiness Dalai Lama. In August, I met His Highness Patriarch Bartholomew. It was my honor to meet two respectable religious leaders and talk about Silk Road for Life & No-nuke.

For the past four months in Korea, I have worked very hard. I tried to carry out the mission which I was given by Dalai Lama. The mission for me was, “Do something to escape from the danger of nuclear power plant.” The mission from Patriarch Bartholomew was, “Continue this wonderful work without stop.” What I did for this mission was to set up Center for Public Reporting Center for the Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants.

원전위험공익제보센터의 필요성

<Figure 1> Letter of Necessity for PRCDN


<Figure 2> Profile of Faculty of PRCDN

Just before I start pilgrimage, a good news came to me.
A volunteer came forward in order to become member of Board of Trustees. The qualifications of trustee member require willingness and financial power. More important qualification is willingness. I would like to give my thanks to the person who recommended the first trustee.

From now on I am expecting that more people will join the board of trustees, and set up 16 networks of the Reporting Center.

슬라이드3 (1)

<Figure 3> Network of 16 branches of PRCDN
Next year is the 101th anniversary of 3.1 Independance Movement.
I wish your willingness for better worked to be fulfilled.

December 28, 2019

Won Young Lee
from Greece


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