[353]~[354] 2019-02-20~21 India Energy

This is recording of two days’ rest.


1. The scenery surrounding the temple of His Holiness Dalai Lama is splendid.

7e7d8fba7f13709387af0e330d50245cb904ac782. The appearance of nearby village.
1d24433545d766e6499f71f26ac8038dc95f220a3. I enjoyed a cup of tea at veranda of hotel.
91863f0019cd173383a504ea330e278807e04cc54. All of a sudden, it became overcast and rained.
ea309c331ca2d44cd2a1907ad057a529aad1b5085. I met some of Korean travelers at Korean restaurant. They exclaimed at listening to my story of New Silk Road.

We became friends immediately.

1b689ef29e0392b57ca55eb72b7e44a9fc032a886. I brought a precious gift for HH Dalai Lama from Korea. I left it at Cheon Chuk Temple at Shravasti for the time being.

Dae In Monk of the temple asked this youth to bring the gift to me. This youth went to New Delhi. He got on the train and transferred to bus. It took for him two days to bring the gift to me. Thank you very much!

d4462c60f8a621a4524757a943b96520718f39677. I have to stay at Dharamshala for more than six days. I moved to a hotel which was more cheap and commanded a good view. This picture was taken at the balcony of new hotel.

03ecd277172ba50ce6f5ee3f079851e91f8b42df8. This is the view which I can see inside.

00c69d45fc066845d96600c96d15748278017f8e9. It became dark. I spread my notebook which made brightness and looked out through the window.

f0ddde257257f9e2a17243af16df531ec49ce07f10. While I rest, I browsed the energy statistics of India. What surprised me was the statistics that renewable energy is 20% of Indian energy supply. The atomic energy holds only 2% in India.

0fcca7bfd6019946cb7e83e441fc22cbd6550a9711. The nuclear power plant facilities takes only 3% of total energy facilities in India.

12. According to Indian statistics published by Korean Energy Research Institute, future plan to increase energy supply is focused on renewable energy instead of atomic energy. Though India has 22 nuclear power plants in operation at seven regions, the portion is very small compared to the total energy supply. The nuclear power plant under construction started at 2004, but it is not finished yet. The main reason of the delay would be economic feasibility. I guess the nuclear power plants in India serve the purpose of supplying nuclear materials for atomic bombs.

b7fb84e9439a2f041730685a5c1150d20a4fee0513. The worldwide trend indicates that nuclear power plants are not popular any more. According to the statistics revealed by Michael Schneider, a specialists in nuclear power plants, the number of new nuclear power plants is diminishing rapidly. The Chinese statistics is misleading the world-wide statistics of nuclear power plants. His analysis indicates that the reason for the recession of nuclear power plants is mainly economic feasibility. See the details at following internet address.

The phenomenon of diminishing economic feasibility of nuclear power plants is an issue even in Japan. See the details at following internet address.

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