[352] 2019-02-19 Dharamshala

Kangra ~ Dharamashala
Today, I will arrive at Dharamshala.

e16d653902ce608354a38a4c22c776e933790ff81. The temple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama is today’s destination. Browsing Google Map, I found out that the altitude of the temple is 1715 meters. The altitude of the city, Dharamshala is 1400 meters. The temple is located at a place which is 300 meters higher by altitude than center of the city. The starting point of today’s course is 780 meters in altitude. Therefore altitude difference between two points is about 1000 meters. The altitude difference is bigger than the altitude difference between Hangyeryeong (1004 m) and Daichungbong(1708 m). For this reason, I had a hard time at last section of today’s course.
64b93dcb3343494ee5a954949857b85d2dc173952. There is drawing of Buddha at front wall of hotel.
876fb85e81941305f11a8b836c9c2081aeb80ec43. As soon as I left the hotel, the sun lights Himalaya mountains with brightness.
c70f6676772f3097740d08e3402051f355149f354. And just in one moment, it became overcast.

5120a525e36dedb09d2c72483df73e45eabd28f15. I tried consecutive pictures of walking scene.

f558abc21f66581e967c978a3d210cbbb8d9ad686. A very impressive Hindu-style painting was hung on the wall of tea-house.

I asked the owner about the meaning of the painting. His answer was, “I don’t know.”


105ac9eccdb6068a828cdd4b65370a04cabde47f8. A signboard indicates that 14 km is left up to Dharamshala.

ab31449e7d8042b604840b934cce3c9cc48689bf9. The water originating from Himalaya is temporarily stored in village pond and flows out.

5e8a9dc681932a05737a8d7b1a0c71aa5dd7490711. A branch of tree which goats like is put across as food between meals.


a2fc1090a37a2e67039111da9553a2188f07d9d113. I was walking uphill diligently.

abd55ffaa994e42e30a07ccfbc011e2b47e03fbb14. Twin primary schoolers with curiosity approached me. I took a picture with them.
284163d84cc3f19bb4b4997f87070a9ac73e1f8b15. At last, I arrived at the entrance to Dharamshala.

308fe8b8a2183b387d719bec3e9c82ca16c0d1ee16. From here to Dharamshala, the altitude difference is 500 meters.

ba7e6d6415258de3c8aa3c108d769b4487070c4917. The breadthwise park was nice.


bc1c0dfa629b1ffd420219cc00e3d4eb1fdb59ad19. I took a rest at a coffee shop in center of city.

e57a7c4df12bb0795d8f83c966a9ebc699fd0e0320. There is Tibet Government-in-exile in Dharamshala. I could see Tibet monks in a bus.

I had a eye contact with a monk. He waved hands for me. I joined my hands for him.


d3a6779620a8378199eb8c6f4211e2a40599d56422. This is uphill going to the temple of Dalai Lama in Himalaya.
3516371418a6241fd0b12664a12de7987ef5c16623. A Tibet family stopped car and showed curiosity. In appearance, he was just like a Korean.

9eac91529fa2918527630245a04517c530b2fb4624. I met a Korean couple who is walking down after participating in Buddhist mass.

bcd82c5e983b99208addfed6cad752e8c557d03525. The Tibetan with helmet saw me before while he was riding motorcycle going up and down.

He got off the motorcycle. I took a picture with him.
275f8e12fd4a91aae03bbdcd1d8bed0afb22038326. The altitude difference between the city and the temple was significant.


92fa9bf44707789fa58f5da0ce465f57227afa3b28. When I approached the temple, I met Tibetan girls. They looked like beautiful Korean girls.

I was smiling with happiness.

3c3c0e7636680d99ca265b3884cb25c68919e5f629. Finally, I arrived at the temple. The temple was not luxurious but simple. It was mainly built for Buddhist mass.
61c3ef9f85d6e0423bd5c0b9e7ef238fe636179830. This is the entrance of the temple. I took a selfie.

Many people have prayed for my safe pilgrimage.

I would like to express my deep thanks to them.

Also I would like to share the delight with them.
4a03c965d530751820201f307ebaea348e945db431. I saw the statue of Tibetan high priest in the ground of the temple. I will find out who he is later.

69c0b611f2d4b2b7a9367b4838f2ea847d15e34832. The shelter I reserved is about 800 meters apart. On the way to the shelter, I met a Tibetan couple.

9827cb29b4d1905880d423d88bb70c2a2445eb8334. I can view these Himalaya scenes from balcony of my shelter, the altitude of 1690 meters.
19b7175cc301f9029474f81b9654d7be68bf1a6d35. There is a Korean restaurant nearby.
e6db5840a9e0510df3eb9c4c8e501da8b8731b5036. This is a warm fireplace.

f16614ad3bcadfb9a296b72fb9b1cc21cbd9a85e37. I ate Korean meal after a long time.

The whole body including mouth responds to Korean dishes.

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