[355]~[357] 2019-02-22~24 Rest Days in Dharamshala

These are the pictures I took during three days of rest.

7bfacb7894161ded124c46913f6b0211d63c5bf01. Every morning, I can see such a beautiful scenery through the window.



9710c824128a2842fe517aea8caafb0e0aba211d4. These pictures are all taken at the balcony of the hotel.

4caac24b478269fc3c4283b382f7abb1259fa0845. In the morning of 23rd February, retired professor Sang Hoon Lee arrived at the hotel. He translates pilgrims’s diary into English. I invited him to Dharamshala for the meeting of HH Dalai Lama.


6. I took a picture at the gate of the temple.


b9c3b2257a3c0d056572285621761e8f00acc9a37. The lady in the right-hand side of this picture is the principal of Indian school in New Delhi. She got married with an Indian and lives in India. She is at the age of late forties, and has three children. She is a protestant minister and studies wide subjects of healing, counseling, and others. After conversation with her, I found out that she was a remarkable figure with amazing talent in the field of international ecumenicalism.


8be76313489761ac1bb936d5db352cc32c38ab729. The Tibet national flag and professor Sang Hoon Lee.
eef4b1852311ca039bb876680f0bb3f72cf1d5b610. This lady is a Buddhist, Ji Ae Yang. She works as a translator helping Korean people who meets HH Dalai Lama. Her girlish look is misleading her age. I was surprised to find that her age was at late thirties. She has lived with her parents at Dharamshala for a long time, and she speaks perfect Tibetan. In January 2018 at Bodgaya, I met Gang Bong Monk who lives in Southern India by chance. The monk introduced Ji Ae Yang to me at that time.

4a4d8904d260eca2b97b6b0d84debd6e786f757911. The youth with a hat in this picture is a Korean traveler who stays at Dharamshala for a long time. We went trekking toward Himalayas.

18dfbda5c058c233a48c945e7f9783348e661af612. The roads in mountain village are very narrow. The horses are main means of delivery.

583ce2377c2cbb19341db0e25aa3b457c41e981013. A resident in mountain village enjoys music.

cde5432792d6b637288a2d9717675e0e0f0388ae14. The scenes of mountain village.







b1687403ec9dff7f1529155f98dd32d4ef4a1d2f21. Monkeys are sitting on rooftop of cars.


bcc706d908911ac8f0f266df4ffb9ed2982d6a9f22. Tomorrow is the day of meeting HH Dalai Lama.

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