[351] 2019-02-18 Way to Himalaya

Band ~ Kangra

1. Today’s course is short, 17 km. But I have to go over high passes.

18c60fb98fbfb9cc431ef061fa1ca5c4b9f7fb4a2. Today’s starting point is crossroad at Band of Ranital.

3. Right after start, the sun lights Himalaya mountains.


9e5787941a5174fb5717a67b699e493d978b851c6. I tried a picture having the valley and Himalaya together.

a3e61a76673fc29f25e3c2eab86c08f7eb4299cc7. Horses carry luggages skillfully even though the owner is not seen.

ad806e8a5aae5c52863d99bf89726d4008a1a2fb8. Railway was built over a steel bridge.

c7210b77c89f306375202544f152b0a012d9a9139. People gathered under the steel bridge. They are involved in Hindu ritual, I guess.


d99acc17ca3c675acf732782282b3ff14fb7b9c411. A narrow-width railway is running.

aa7d1a0fbea9795f3648d84f677e73596b809bdc12. I was walking leisurely, enjoying such a beautiful scenery.

ebd62884b9af6be9b152eef812cff9a5249118d013. This couple was waiting for me.

608688315ec7926758de6801533a21c25e13043114. The couple was practicing porcelain arts. They seem to be international couple. They were traveling by car.

They raised thumbs and asked about my luggages since they were travelers.

I answered that I carry luggages by taxi or bus. They understood immediately.

2ddc28707b46267438a2d9f5ff9fae8c0004a8f015. I took a commemorative picture for the baby.
45f33866d30a0039111d0a761b2475dbfc5335e916. The clouds are hung in the middle of Himalayas.

cfea4bf4fb3f1025bd5a93468608302b399797ac17. I was walking by a school.


7d29b207b9e27e89be22ba89d5fb065c0562b31819. A large tunnel goes through a high pass.


6eaffd27677c973ff05b8accdba56f2072e5e19021. Over the hill, old castle is seen.



3502fe3f044a20cf140edb3d80a8732fa93ece4824. The water in the valley was clear.



75b89d9c66fe1d145c92ca1ecf54aed3d341f03027. Steel bridge is seen.


28. I saw a train running. I browsed internet and found out that the narrow railway has width 762 mm.

It’s name was Kangra Valley Railway. It was built in 1920s and many villagers are still using the railway.

In mountainous terrain, narrow railway is suitable for transportation. It may serve as tourist attraction.

The details may be found at internet address below.


540cbe9dd8405a64146621b6b6a533749215768829. Recently a terror broke out at the border area between India and Pakistan. Many people were killed.

Angry demonstrators of Kangra city are marching in the street.

98ac4afc9bdfc5f5298d7204018318f65c3e688f30. The TV report of terror.

Nuclear Power Plant is also a kind of terror.

It is a terror against all humans and all life forms.

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