[349] 2019-02-16 Letter to Friends

Now 60 km is left up to Dharamshala. It will take 3 days to walk.

Today I took one day’s rest at lakeside, and sent e-mail to my acquaintances.
a7c4053b1d95409968e54f33c2b4a88ea0aba9561. The full view of the lake. The water flows into Indus River.

a2c8e83e32fc6ff6c82ead9ac11ab680f042d22d2. The blue dot on the map is the place where my shelter is located.

I sent my acquaintances e-mail as below.

<We need another UN.>

Now I am walking in India. Though it is winter, the temperature goes up to 20 degrees above zero. I renewed New Silk Road for Life and No-nuke one month ago. I have walked about 4,500 km up to New Delhi. A few days ago, I met an Indian government official who stopped his car and approached me. He was so deeply moved by my story of New Silk Road that he offered me a lunch box the next day which his mother made. We went together to his office building and had a conversation. He understood the contents of New Silk Road exactly and many more about present situation of the earth. Knowing his eagerness, I disclosed what I have kept in my heart.

“We need another UN. We have only one earth. Present UN is too precarious. When we weave fabrics we need warp and woof. Likewise we need another UN to protect the earth.”

He understood the core of my talk on the spot. He chimed in my insistence. Now we are living in the world in which many people living several thousand kilometers apart meet and talk and achieve empathy regarding global value through e-mail.
Right after Fukushima nuclear accident arose, a tremendous demand of crisis management arose. Critical nuclear accidents have repeated three times: Three Mile Island accident in 1979, Chernobyl accident in 1986, and Fukushima accident in 2011. I am afraid the next nuclear accident may be waiting. All over the earth, 450 nuclear power plants are exposed to dangerous accidents. Many people aspire safety of nuclear power plants. But there is no decision-making organization to cope with global nuclear threat. There has been no answer to aspiring demand of new organization for more than 8 years after Fukushima accident. Such a silence is absurd and irrational.
The characteristics of nuclear accidents is that the problem is global. The good will of several countries is not enough. The ‘capitalization of danger’ is common in global politics. It is difficult for diffused minority to cope with global danger. The global threat which is technical, systematic, and capitalistic take the earth as hostage. Present international organization is not reliable either. For example, UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme) sided with Four-Rivers-Project of Korean government. Present UN has limitations in protecting the environment of the earth. IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association) has started with a good will of protecting the earth, but ended up with becoming a collaborator to destroy the earth. The head of government was selected under the representative democracy which was seriously broken in many countries. We can’t trust the UN which consists of such flawed governments. We can’t entrust the future of mankind on the earth to the UN any more.
The humans walk with two legs. Each family has a father and a mother. Fabrics is woven by warp and woof. Likewise the earth need two pillars, two UNs. ‘Check and balance’ makes safe government and safe organization. For example, the separation of three branches of government is the basis of government authority. But present system of global authority is very loosely united by many weak government. The U.S. is dominant power wielding unchecked authority over global issues. The U.S. discarded Paris Climate Change Convention without any rational explanation. The U.S. is no more a good cowboy in the years right after the World War II. It is always true that unchecked power is misused. Fortunately now is the proper time when global energy of human beings can be united by SNS. Billions of people make access to favorite U-tube everyday. What we need to do is to make the enormous energy land softly.
I think it is the role of religious leaders to jumpstart the protection of the earth. Every religion is emphasizing the importance of life and safety of human beings. Regarding this topic the religious leaders are asked to communicate and unite together. The cooperation of several high-level religions will result in considerable success. There are many countries which has no reliable decision-making process. The UN can’t influence these authoritative government. But the religious leaders can do. Another UN may compensate the shortcomings of present UN. Another UN can check and monitor the safety of nuclear power plants on the earth for the future generations.

The young Indian official understood the necessity of another UN on the spot.

The realization of another UN is near at hand.

16 February, 2019 Lee Won Young

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