[348] 2019-02-15 Rainy Mountain

Chintpurni ~ Dehra Gopipur


1. It rained all overnight. Rain stopped at dawn.

9e24cbe8291fb6ec69fe67ea10c9e442e8225e372. Today’s course is slow downhill, 17 km. This may be the easiest course during Indian pilgrimage.

I will walk down to the altitude of 426 m. (The blue dot on the map is destination.)

The difference of altitude is about 500 meters.
7fbc2857ad41d3443b1a5cfeef66d6825c5753a53. I took a commemorative picture with the manager in the hotel front.

5f4af745bd612297220bb028ad87731fe3435b614. The shelter on the hill is seen in the back.

9dea0035741ecd065e184996ca694ac3b3f37a645. It rained all day long.
70dc3b84cfb339132f7cdb31570de7bee8e05f246. When rain stopped for a while, I took a picture of Himalaya mountains far away.

The silhouette of huge mountains is barely seen.


9685266156da325e1406864fbc8f3f2502c26f0d8. In the valley side, several houses of Japanese style gathered.

650e3ea869320ec15cca5cb74636d2c927c5f1b49. I listened to the sound of rain while I drink a cup of coffee. I enjoyed beautiful landscape.

c3958ad59bd1d756c2ae0378adbd9517ecb8055010. Many foreigners are visiting Dharamshala.

The state government of Himachal which contains Dharamshala is endeavoring to attract foreign companies.

This is signboard for advertisement.
Prime Minister Modhi is seen in this kind of advertisement without exception.

He seems to be very popular among Indian people.

He was famous for his leadership which achieved economic development of Gujarat state located in the southwest of India. After he became Prime Minister, he is leading the economic reformation of India.

After his party lost the election recently, there is an assessment that political situation became confused.

81f8c8f805a50c04d533ea2c879c337cd87e250c11. When the rain was about to stop, I met these high school students in the village near shelter.

ebc3ae46274c5d87920525108b0c9f8a9618fb6a12. I arrived at River View Hotel, today’s shelter. Just like the name of the hotel, I have a fine view of river.

I will take rest until tomorrow.

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