[350] 2019-02-17 Himalaya!

Dehra Copipur ~ Band


1. On rest day, I saw the scenery around the lake.


c63101e2170f3064e4f961bf39d6fe576d5640973. At the mart, I saw a paper bag made of newspaper.

I remembered that we used and recycled the same paper bag in the past.

c925fb58c94ade72b76fd28b9b0267148ff8ec184. At the end of the paper bag, I could see the pasted part. To recycle paper bag was very good for the environment.

I found an internet news that India developed a new technology to make asphalt from used plastic.


It was a very inspiring news.

9eee0dd7ef8524ed0098d38f7203783f13c4e5b15. Today I walk toward Dharamshala again.

I have to walk a course which repeats uphill and downhill.

1f57e9abac7aa3fda584e651b5d70b5c51b067a86. I took a picture with kind workers of the hotel.


b3242f88c8d438ba5986c487de7201fdf01df2918. I crossed a bridge. The water was muddy right after the rainfall.


b306bda6d6ff922a69475caf4931d4ca8cbafdce10. Cows occupied the road. Nobody cared. Nobody tried to chase cows out.
a75749decd26a69f0b12f955310ab5091dc7bffd11. In the thick mist.
263ad90fc9bf55396570732226b18cadceff3cfe12. I am walking uphill.



ab128fc5ca013518869098d4052d621f088e5f4c15. Children become alert when a stranger approaches. But when I say ‘selfie’ they respond pretty well.
6859df9f6572990921b0e138b1f4388c029d837e16. The environmental slogan of Himachalpradeshi state government was eye-catching. ‘Go Green to get Earth Clean’

54a0c1b9c995047285928740a5738686af5376a917. While I was walking, the fog disappeared in a moment.

Then I could see dignified appearance of Himalaya mountains.

0f735b803af966a1e9dab1900fedd7f17d804f5a18. I was excited.

86edffc8aa5347bf0ced2270aea422f23a5633b419. While I was walking for one hour, I could see this magnificent mountains. It was a lucky chance.


3f7a751e728c51a8228c4a6679907d16211ab2ed21. I checked the peak of the mountains, browsing Google map.

The name of the peak was Parvati Parvat. The altitude of the peak was 6633 meters.

1f6ade81d293487a31eda0e670be27bc24a6ecfa23. I saw a beautiful pattern of house gate.


a34246bdff02b524df9baa26c6a05c1fceb3337acc33306a42ffd374c4d2fe1c53cfcb30d2b0c3d125. This gentleman was a medical doctor living in Chandigarh. On Sunday he took part in nearby Hindu event. On his way back home, he saw me and stopped his car.
26. He had a simple curiosity about a walking pilgrim.

But after listening to my story, he was struck with wonder. He introduced himself to me.

27. In specific, the man on the passenger’s seat of the car was surprised.

He was also a doctor, and he checked and touched the thigh and calf of my legs.

549193844b291ba0510c3ca410f5f311c9b8786628. Hindu people who were participating in religious outdoor event saw me and exclaimed.

The Hindu people are very kind to pilgrim.
a5b4afc7d9f7b57aec47307c8ee03b6f561a4df629. Around this area, many Hindu facilities are located.


31. In the afternoon, the Himalaya mountains which had disappeared out of eyesight appeared again.


7cb90771cfaa50c8d6a5bee8780b6250a70ccfe733. I sat on the road and looked at this magnificent scenery.

90844ca469e4952bd05a7c0a7456aaa6a56089e634. I saw a recycled tray at quick-tea house. The tray was made of ad leaflet.

553c6fe518d66071a1ae6e5814f0b2469cb6af7a35. These youths were riding a car and received a pamphlet from me. They read it, and stopped car.
94cf96be1749153385574ebd925d00a66d3e498736. A commemorative picture-taking.
dcaab53c45d11087659aac8fcccf4f341f5bd44937. The children of the village were looking at this scene with curiosity and waved hands to me.
913c956464d0e60091860a92d8542f657d98281f38. Finally I arrived at the village where my shelter is located. I could see the Himalaya mountains clearly.

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