[347] 2019-02-14 With Map Technology

Gagret ~ Chintpurni



1. Today’s course is uphill, 18 km.

bd04c45883996ca054dd0186f3105ab83a9305db.jpg2. The altitude of starting point is 460 meters. The altitude of top of Chintpurni mountains is 954 meters.

Google map shows good topography and altitude of route in a moment.

I benefit greatly from the good service of Google Map during my pilgrimage. Last time, I met an European in the train. He was travelling in India with a paper map folded. The paper map has some advantage. But for a pilgrim like me, it is difficult to carry paper maps. It is very fortunate for me to carry a smart phone which enables me to browse all places in the earth just in a moment. In specific, the real-time realization of GPS makes the locating present place exact, even in the area having no communication facility. I don’t worry about being lost any more. I appreciate those people who made GPS and smart phone.

865ac605fb8d808f6a77e0df30dd926c5f0977813. This on-line map indicates that for the past 17 years the green leaf area increased as much as the width of Amazon tropical forest. The main reason for this phenomenon was explained by the fact that population-rich areas like India and China contributed significantly to this new trend. You can find the details of this report at the address below.


Reasoning from this report, I can find the similarity of India and China. These two countries have endeavored to prohibit illegal logging and encourage tree-planting. China went for fossil fuel and contributed to the increase of green house gases and fine dust. On the other hand, I observed that India maintained the use of dried cattle dung as fuel. From this point of view, India contributes more to benefit environment of the earth than China, I think.
9ee8bfdf42ea0efa6c896b9ee2d5bf7e4ce276464. I took a picture with the kind manager of the hotel where I stayed yesterday.

460ca22dcad8324df3c6b3c53018c8700999406a5. With other workers of the hotel.


d2e7036839686945e6be812d1d369a20508915447. I found rest area on the uphill. It is a pavilion in Indian style.

a9697646b79b8fde070f5074e2ea0b76ca7aeb738. The patterns of the rest area was dandy.


2d429117dd72375fab2e6ccf60e5ac812b346f5a11. I am familiar with the uphill with pine trees like this.



1a1aaf05269d1e293447252acff45a1fd903175f14. The rain comes and goes. I took a picture at rest area like this, eating a cup of chai.

0ea82ff3e080ff1c5e73801e704b843dd21309bb15. I found impressive craftworks made of wood.



583bc4b52f4df6dfb5e36a3bcd1e67b57dc681af19. This is the appearance of today’s destination, the top of Chintpurni village.

42dc84867c081009c46046370759ff34f630e12220. This is the scenery which I looked down from the shelter.

74d465adb921ae33e0230f2ae6711ff57223c5a021. This shelter is directly managed by the State Government of Himachal Pradesh.

It is no wonder that the location was good, and the shelter was clean. Moreover, the price was cheap.

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