[345][346] 2019-02-12~13 Mountain Landscape

Hoshiapur~ Gagret

After one day’s rest, I am walking toward Himalaya mountains.


1. Today’s course is more than 25 km, crossing over a pass.

31b1c63a078710c9da3fe2f90cdef1276c2c76662. According to Google map, the altitude of starting point is 303 m.

The altitude of pass is 594 m, and destination is 460 meters.

f42359a53468e1fb1fb9ac935b32e51045238cb73. Right before starting, I saw a pigeon sitting outside of window. Pigeon stands for messenger of peace.


36523f8d92474dbd457dab9902c19af415f0797f5. A family with a baby.

5d4eb362be988510503fd11d94008d85e62f64e97. I see many signs of Hinduism in this village.


586abe0c9993bc11a0e811bbfe9c3ce2f1976df19. Also, I found many Sikh temples.
f96461dec9094ba81bf07666ef190c97a76a460110. A real uphill.

9bc7ef98607fef3d447b810ab4b70387e2c5044911. After I walked up quite a while, I looked down the scenery.

6f84e9088dcd19288e1480f51ecca5837d4c979412. I could see a small lake.







3df89fc960ebee9e8da491c681ecfc310aa7552e19. Cars move slowly on this uphill road. Therefore, monkeys can eat food safely.

The forest provide the monkeys with safe shelters.


1c895727737cd152fc0ffc63508862ba7d2d475f22. Since it is uphill, I can enjoy such a beautiful scenery.
cff01bacb05e32b10be0a2537856a5811922c48d23. Walking uphill may be compared to riding a tour-train running with a speed of 4 km per hour.

c259e6892e88f3faa3d2981d5ed262845ad1392e24. Two Sikhs got off motorcycle, and exclaimed with delight.
edccdf48650826ca18ee057cd5b58efd245e0e3725. And, they gave me a 200-rupee-bill. On the front side of the bill, Sir Gandhi is printed.
c9f23ca0dfa32946db6159432ec6d8ea534093ab27. On the back side of the bill, Sanchi Stupa is printed. Sanchi Stupa are monuments built by King Ashoka who conquered the Indian continent around B.C. 300 and revived Buddhism.



40b4909d15373bb6730d8d144f6efe512ec53dc330. This is scenery seen around top of the pass.

3804b38625c22d846100c13834de756dd8b232c031. Many people who rise the pass by car or motorcycle approached a walking pilgrim.


3919daa3120e410973c3355224120cee936af28234. I walked over the pass and reached a village, Gagret. This man served me a cup of chai.

He said that he had worked at Hyundai construction site in Saudi Arabia for 5 years.
c04f22c91093a39205e0b1da6abe922dd41ba78d35. People of another village greeted me.

I passed the first course of final six-day section without difficulty. The remaining courses are also uphill.

But the daily distance to walk is less than 20 km.

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