[344] 2019-02-11 Beautiful Women

Mahilpur ~ Hoshiapur


1. The front view of the shelter in the morning.
1c5549e14e2261f62f558a39037943e0c8b771ae2. Soon after I walked from the starting point, I met these people in truck. They seem to move to farm for work.
44bd73559955a7ae7bfbe7b3c08b32556bcaad133. Now many bus drivers recognize me. A bus stopped and the driver gestured me to take a picture.
7a7fdc7dce5f74fa200d3b481520d6034b0346064. The hair style of these boys is dandy.
ece60779ab9ba4970b0cfbe1222db6577804c4a15. Today’s road is also beautiful.
7882723f449a21c7ac366e05b571cda05aebaa536. This road leads to testing lab of agricultural college.

b31d3d7b6828e68fa198daf564ca4984bdb53ca98. I met Hindu family waiting for the bus at roadside.


992c69b002cc853ecfe1985ae5b3bb74308eb42910. A cute temple.


07069c8790011ae66d516d9bc1fb7431ce02b22c12. This is a poor village. Even the poor village in Punjab region seems to be formal.

db790beaae9d56160856f755b79da92855aaeddb13. This seems to be a rich village.
d966e433d9242edd256299bca546ed2fd1860a9b14. I could see the field far away thanks to good weather.

7e23829fc954498faeb5b054f35ac647e0b4dd9a15. Many school buses indicate that this is a good school.
8861473d9d841daf8f4c3d73f7615e60d6ec12be16. Entrance of an amusement park.

c45d57c57d1d865a0a17fcfabf198ae088701dba17. The signboard shows different kinds of play equipments.

86cd18ff946b9ed6d24014c46f707da7802d756d18. Along this road there are many stalls which sell fresh fruit juice.
2d09b460da2cdf5fa3eed36e7a76254f45fc8b7719. A wedding hall.

c6aca4881e90dcab9c75b4a54b865d21400504a620. Congratulators
338cfa6cafb2d14d7068fa35c8a21c1f25ec807f21. Parking lot
fc4b6956262ec6ab430c10e781fd48666ccdcfb822. Sheep are passing by.

2e73e3be1cbfe7161650b62dbb5817b513d2afe323. This is Thali for my lunch.




6952a8ed06ea82563ed5e0bbb613d10bdaf0c44427. I found a school.

82acb323f31b283792463c3fca78fd4ea9ea6ac827. Students are playing on the ground.

922c38a1fdad1ed43de81c63cc69944ca0feb85f28. They saw me walking, and waved hands.

0851ddbfab852a72e6da26aea4d54430027c37f829. This farm raises horse.


36303f39a52e8f8caed8a85a1d64d1fc479ebb6b31. Today’s heroines.

These beautiful women stopped car and waited for me. The hearsay was spread already.

They knew the walking pilgrim is a Korean. The woman in far right is the leader and driver.

Her fluent English embarrassed me.
82cb945b2661fae72cd0076c6e4fceb9fe331de832. She understood the content of the pamphlet immediately, and asked questions in detail.

33. It was an unexpected pleasure. One of them was a Hindu woman. I think the status of women in this region is high.

They joined hands and wished my successful pilgrimage. I joined my hands to express my thanks.

b2c7068d1004eb06833c7cfe4d000b4d9ad413d034. They waved hands when they depart.
80b77ff1d0d35a1caa04b9df017bb3aae8f589e835. People who watched this scene approached me.

25adb24464c39e24a4daf6aa95482ac1209877a937. I entered the boundary of Hoshiapur which was today’s destination.
ecd01983f63998415f5cbcd1bdd0cea08638ab2f38. The picture of Buddha was hung on the wall of hotel lobby.

e5a53e169e1a6b8f7b9a4b2258f95ffe85b6569839. I found a newspaper in the lobby.

The article reported that S. Korea increased the defense cost regarding U.S. army in Korea.

Indian people show much interest about Korean issues.
e145d0878814610db48c75ddd3cf7d406ad71e8740. At last I reached the last section. I will take one day’s rest.

Then I will change direction, and go up to Dharamshala for one week.

The distance is 112 km. The altitude is 1457 meters. I took a close look at the map.

The I found a lake in the middle of the selected course. The lake may be beautiful.

I am going to have one day off at lakeside, and look around the lake.

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  1. I would be with u in ur great march in India!


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