[343] 2019-02-10 Hyundai Car

Garhshankar ~ Mahilpur


1. This is the street of Garhshankar, starting point of today’s pilgrimage.

1f2c23464a6f67dc8c18f2bc452e374bcfe45f152. The design of turbans is very diverse.
f8bf151cf111233d7da06e6e33aba63ff503cc4c3. I found a store selling Hyundai cars.
63fce22708689a1a1497e430978fa55dac57bc384. It was a large store having service center.
d8641feab2a980ecbaa6e19816307d327bf43ca35. I passed by Hyundai store last time. But I decided to stop by this time. A young owner greeted me.

I asked if Hyundai car sells well in this village. He said that Hyundai car amounts to 40~45% of new cars.

It was a very significant number. Hyundai company runs a car-producing factory in India.
b4d954bd810a0bede19de17681ae33dac8259a396. I took a picture with the workers of the store.



bedfc5750742e7e5c65b8a34e0d254e0830a54829. I walked the same good road as I walked yesterday. I would like to recommend you to walk this road sometime later.

The public safety is relatively good.



c26c7b77df3db85bfe255047cad92978aac017b912. Today is Sunday. There are many wedding ceremonies.


6ced57b18c7128d1df3f55aa3750299d2c2f21ce14. First, young boys and girls approached me.

c207180ab3bde087d564bbcd10285a6b200a98ac15. Then adult congratulators joined in taking a picture.

2163ef2edb483896923830f6b103bf044580394f16. Another wedding ceremony

a5df06ca5fb78f819b8875ab92160085a480682b18. With congratulators
cc06372e80a2db90a2b8f4ad3775fef19ffbe71319. I met a family group while I pass by a village.
c4f8636ed0142795a968262f5834c92b7b76801120. The eldest man guided me to a bakery, and served me something to eat.

2c8ac8aa008103d73f04f9135537e9e04c5c7b7b21. Opportunely it was lunch time. I ate this food as lunch.


90730027d246d29b1bbfa2818a7060e4e5d28d6723. This is a small temple made of porcelain.
ad3edf81d73c2046f32cc0848c1815d4e335eefd24. This is the destination of today’s course, Halipur street.
8e7567bcb574f84c8a732ad58a4c047d53a018a525. I became friendly with the passengers of the bus, on my way back to today’s shelter.

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