[342] 2019-02-09 Memorable Road

Balachaur ~ Garhshankar

A good news from Korea.


Two thirds of Korean people are in favor of no-nuke policy of Moon government.

It is a very important news for no-nuke activists.
Another good news.

Kim Jeong Eun of N. Korea and Donald Trump of U.S. agreed to meet second time on 27~28th of February.

I am supposed to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 25th February, which does not overlap with Trump meeting.

Year 2019 is the 100th anniversary of 3.1 Independence Movement in 1919. I am happy with these three events.
bf21ad300bc514e2f2d5d4b36e35eb9c676b2e571. The weather is nice for two days in a row.

This is Balachaur street, the starting point of today’s pilgrimage.
b4daed74b9283cd41d2ef0c4c2051248154477b92. I met mother and son in the bus going to the starting point.

665039d07d689f7bf1790f97b8db7bb7786602ea3. Indians have diverse vegetarian dishes. I have not tried many of vegetarian dishes.

99e883a06762422d339f3e551119bb52e737b9284. The motorcycle store runs a good business.

7e904988526feeafff338b66c3e8c12ecd9efd7f5. The office building of court is dandy.
938d44e0622a2e12789b5d954e29be181b11bf9a6. A warehouse & storage of rice straw
e048e36810b2f1ba8a26885802a00e01076dccec7. The weather was clear without fine dust.

The overall weather in this region is very good, compared to other regions in India.

The altitude is a little bit high. Air circulation of this region is better than flat field region where I have walked so far.

d04c3d96d445eab3eaeff89977543bbe44401abd8. Hospital building is elegant.
cbeecec8f665bdf7c68c4475e3c3cd7349aac5959. This temple is elegant too.
ea0f358ea8fd994498cf6e42f8de005fe6cec25810. Today’s course is good for walking. Greenery was very nice.

The road had two lanes, and sufficient sidewalk.



0edffb5e476f4607e63d252d3328d027f269615914. The road was nice extraordinarily.



ce6ce2bae1e4b017c8177a299c240ecd35db38ad17. My pilgrimage was well advertised.

Reporters of local internet broadcasting station came to me for an interview.

I responded to interview with my poor English.

e48b893c0ae373c7dc952643265d5bbe65ed02d118. This gentleman saw me walking yesterday. He discovered me again today. Then he got out of car.
8267b1e8de4b29da2fad66bcf788bf8c33cea01019. This school building was built well.
e08052c44c3ae36b7526027870ab070efa3bec1820. This woman is heroine of this road.

This lady was not good in her health. She wanted to take a walk, riding wheelchair.

She came out intentionally with her family in such a beautiful day.
17cbe451f3d4c63445adae77b7a6419ab40957fe21. A car is following her.
f72c5792a40e92d873bf10180624cf16c191244e22. She listened to my story about New Silk Road.

She assented to take a picture with me.





b50eb774a9b4f812e9a6fa124023d6ab230620ca27. The wheat is ripening in the field.
f2e5d37d0a1c10072c4a7c1df30cdcbaddd69efa28. I took a rest, drinking raw fruit juice.




3fc152e0f9343d1dcd7d31e4fb448b5f964c8ad233. The students are curious always.

I said, “You can see your picture at internet site liferoad.org”.

4977f6a198db8534f03a925c7c3a838e91f14e1e35. I am staying at this hotel for three days. The price per day was 1500 rupee. This hotel deserves recommendation.


36. The contents of supper which I ordered at hotel room are as follows.

1) spicy fried chicken and sauce

2) Maggi ramyeon which I asked the cook to boil (It is like Korean ramyeon.)

3) plain rice

4) salted onion

The cost was about 400 rupee. I enjoyed abundant supper after a long time.

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