[341] 2019-02-08 Long Distance

Rupnagar(Roopnagar)~ Balachaur

1. I have to walk long distance, today. I encountered steel railway soon.
19df3c1718a1d2a3cbda0a5d5188370df23c29bd2. The entrance of Government office building

a79b6fc1c289183089150804618ebdbb04988aaf3. While I was passing a village, this gentleman stopped his car and introduced himself as a retired Indian soldier.

He said, “I want to bring you to my house for a cup of chai.” I said, “Thank you for your suggestion. But I have a long way to go.” And after a while I regretted my refusal. It was a good chance to look into Indian family life.
06301f10bae6624e824ebe1b9a3ca3243ba2ba054. Students are going to school in the morning.

a55f79e226fedd9de85fe690b02e13f96caed2745. I encountered a high-school student.
c8e2613f2ddebd3a7687259f734dfecf4ad0cd276. And her friends.

8efb4a2fd14bbe2d185e4bf220dd4ad18ba336077. The village was small, but well maintained.

60254d0e90ffde270d09a4146a9c11102952d5b98. At outskirts of the village, I met a large river which was a tributary of Indus River.

7fed1a757ceb9bc8f6faba5c3dc62b341f2b98a19. From this river, people diverted water and made waterway for irrigation too.

a242d3be463edf63612231b7f9d59ffaaea4858f10. On the large river, many birds flocked together.



76cd3d2d829908e0eb83f25fee30fd2650f5e07c13. The birds seen in the picture above fly over the bridge.

615810fdd9ea0bbed3b3664b85529dea421e057f14. The driver saw me and stopped his motorcycle gladly to see a traveler.

He was carrying three children. The elder one is protecting the younger boy.

a27c52fa9c80031cd15d453a143d6a0385fb192015. I saw monkeys.

ec2916c0d80c42dad837212bd96d43eed4eba06316. I opened my backpack, and pulled out some biscuits.

7edd3c0b8ee48d7302be5d1dbdfd3b08f71c7bda17. It is not easy to distribute cookies fairly. If I fail in fair distribution, one boss takes all the cookies.

e01276a9be0fc178a98f1d2b1c226a9e1ae4936a18. The entrance of a Sikh temple.
5990031eb2c7268fdd7174d48da336bafe4d77f119. This building was built nice and properly.
311ef32cc19e3b5094bc0231e8d6b2dacad2fad820. A Sikh was very glad to see me.

60681814217733ab5f5d5c5d67acff1bf7d2ed8e21. I could see a mountain like this when I walk in Punjab region.
7e6b21370606b0e3c400aafa628dc5c3f27547f922. Somebody gave the soldiers a pamphlet of New Silk Road in advance.

When I arrived at this guard office, the soldier offered me chai kindly.

def3be6cfd3b78614d9a86f9ca5ec32f58fbe35f23. A man approached me. The man in the center of this picture was the policeman whom I met last week.

He came to this place and told the guards about my pilgrimage.

I appreciate his hidden consideration for me. Namaste!


2fe4eb24fac967ba350968b299282851f052a97725. The taxi driver who carried my baggage saw me on his way back. He got out of the car and took a picture with me.

fdef663f1c28608f1d1769b2f58e2d2a2826e5df26. This is a modern factory which characterizes Punjab region.


27. I took a picture with students in front of primary school.
41fa399a5c375983bed451ccbb7b758199cca0a028. Montessori kindergarten

b2b9f4554e64eae9d345c1a344b2640789f4f39630. A young boy is riding a motorcycle, holding father’s back.

558d9b810e081126b62ba6de56708cc0d4a20c2e31. I think many people in this region go out to Germany or Canada for work.

994a3fafe5a4479119ba0c5afd92fecd51d5174732. Happy hour with a cup of raw fruit juice. Sunshine made my hat slanting.


df5ede35b39ac2d0756be702de2938fa74b3c53735. I walked along this country road for a long time. While I walk, I came up with many good ideas.

I felt like finishing long postponed homeworks.

1cc3ac6b7db0516275c3524e43fdee66c565aa9737. At the final section, I walked country road like this for a long while.

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