[340] 2019-02-07 With Rain in Punjab

Kurali ~ Rupnagar


1. happened to see the portrait of Buddha on the wall when I check out of the Hotel.
9a9cef6ba66a9b4975f6f6960760fd9793f76eb22. It was raining when I start to walk.
773a3c534c49f63e2d61566590141f328a56fd393. I met these cute students waiting for the school bus. They wore beautiful uniform and turban.
3e67e45a533a09e64722a33ba9ad144c999be2114. This building seems to be a government office.

a0177e4e909852fb8d667d8b35d1e8649e3025465. Punjab national bank is a very large organization which has many branches all over India.

It may be called a symbol of rich village.

83f162587e909b7111d66e5c48817c119034941c6. I guess this is Sikh temple.
d64cbf909e3ed3b8c9542daeae4eaaff78a2503c7. Throughout the whole day I encountered shower, thunderstorm, hail, and drizzle.

The weather news of today achieved much attention in internet.

It was an exotic experience to hear the rainfall and enjoy chai at pergola tea house which was made of rice straw.

5579663c7835fd7edbf146d3a931be2f04eaa1948. The main building of tea house

004bd0e41f31f73d1fdbf84ce2f6d01927a58de99. The owner of the tea house became curious and approached me.
87a206455fdc4261f738a3a141f6eeaff3fae49f10. I met this good-looking man at another tea house. My raincoat is seen in the picture.

090ea9e536a8840c339b064c70bcdc91e87da06e11. I was walking when rain stopped for a while. These men stopped the car in front of a fruit store and waited for my arrival.

92b45c6edf0d27a5e293611f59da9e6b49bd8eda12. He offered me a cup of juice. Namaste!
240a01320065025b335c8d2f7767867949a7253613. Opportunely the car was Hyundai-made. I took a picture for commemoration.

3321a25d78530a4c20dd16fd9197ced6015fc23814. I encountered a Sikh temple.

a0f0f8cb3c1b7064a456abde6e37034acd1b890315. There was no entrance gate. You can just enter the temple.
64b8563b5685c2f4fede3cceeaff3e3cab31c0a516. A gentleman invited me to stop and eat chai.

bc1b33673415d0c04b4919daa0adaf68a0fc861917. I entered the office. The elders asked me about my pilgrimage in detail.

I heard that Sikhism is a religious system which has no priesthood, just for your reference.
10ddefa0b4f2e7f2402f202fb421f02d343f805318. This gentleman is the most high elder. His name was Gurmit Singh.

79971eb4db2fd04bbdefe44ed4a3814b961b978d19. The rain soaked the soil and plants.


9680e2b2cf68fc38e5b98a0d34057cb26d04982f21. The clear water of this waterway is originating from Himalaya mountains.

People diverted water from Sutlej River which is a tributary of Indus River.
3d15c1feecc23cb6a525f1aac679c735bb1f840c22. I could see a sluice far away. The proper management of water in this region indicates the wealth of this region.
7da0309b4ddb53dd6f783d2d8278df383fbb5aa323. I had a close look at embankment. It was made of brick. The waterway seems to be considerably old.

1a956c99fadb98cd50b8bac6af20b59848f0d42724. The bridge was made of steel, and looked sturdy.

The maintenance of infrastructure in this region seems to be in high-level.
0fc3f42303c94c5cc05ea9b9f9053bbe535f850425. Until I finish today’s course, the weather was changeful.

The weather of intersection of two big rivers is unpredictable.

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