[339] 2019-02-06 Punjab

Chandigarh ~ Kurali


1. After I investigated the distribution of the shelters on the way to Dharamshala, I decided to adjust the courses. The course which passes Hoshiapur city of Punjab state seems to be better. I will walk 132 km for 6 days until I reach Hoshiapur. Then I will walk for 6 days toward Himalaya mountain, and reach Dharamshala.
9c6099514ae2cd1b9e999ca12634994765b47a9c2. The first course is 23 km to Kurali.

77f2a1ea0aaef2c29a26c34950dd664d0ade538d3. I stayed at this hotel for 2 days out of 4 days’ stay in Chandigarh. I took a picture with staffs of the hotel.

This hotel is located at center of the city. The cost is 2200 rupee per day. I would like to recommend this hotel because the cost performance ratio was very good. I called uber taxi to carry my baggage to today’s shelter.
8dacadc42bfa41e52b0fe9ff1ead022890c473604. A young man is riding a horse in the street. I caught the scene when he was coming down from the horse.
c6e0c831cf5446493c26dfe3e937f141a660ef105. An alley.
7695a3d7b3c3c60629248ca5ad8df596b5a5f6536. I met people who work at kitchen.

ff2d742b74ea2f7e178406dc03e30345a100dcec7. I happened to enter into the area where well-to-do people live.
43d6cb6ac42e59bb800272c5b016c48d33237c378. The gardens were beautiful.

55146d81ddc6d3e0803244ee1ad09a6db419485e10. A well managed house.
dcf1c8788e18fd34b2bbe0f8ba7ef557f20fb21811. I could not find an exit to wide street. I looked around and found out that people use secret exit.
c29eed469a995037618cfe15ccca53e045e87f9012. I went close.

a89b9058369690ee0f2c976b9d73c87bb94d44a413. There was space for wicket gate. It is difficult for outsiders to find this gate.

Within a city, the areas are divided separately according to the class of people.
499f2b9861eec9b6dd8018af51a2000bf88f6bfe14. A good road with trees.
9b8375bf4f040c72933c32db4367f5664d9b2ca715. The traffic is heavy around round-about.
0a8e34ce05e9ac0e47e9f4ba30d407ce05117aa816. High-rise apartment is under construction.
fa9ed2dbe32129504c991cea013f614e3148e6a517. Statue of goddess was made of porcelain.
01a5840ac02e9a759c2750e9d809a12fe6c0e00218. A sudden shower made me stop at tea house for chai.

244e8c755ce2e327470756b2cdf5f6c3e6114b8f19. Young people are always curious.

adbdbe5b4a2835a0050156d1c82c3741cc18e1bd20. These men who offered me to buy a cup of chai are Sikhs.

They were surprised to hear that I had walked from Calcutta.

a03fdb99248510b6a62d3ae258fba2eb50b1608e21. The characters of the signboard seem to be Punjab language.

I took a picture of these men.
9c3fe50cc5b7f5b7807da844adf24f8420d85d9522. People are very friendly in this village. They tried to offer me chai each other.

bf0d6a532839580756ead00de51dee19fe90ad6723. I found the portraits of Sikism leaders on the wall of the restaurant.

24. The Sikhs are only 2% of Indian population, and most of them live in Punjab state. Punjab region is located at upstream of Indus River and Ganges River. People living in this region have been rich because this region has fertile agricultural field, and has advantage in terms of trade. Several hundred years ago, the reformists against Hindu came out of this region. The reformists created a new religion, Sikhism, which is based on the denial of caste. The Sikhs have been oppressed by Hindu until nowadays. In specific, during the independence movement of Pakistan many people were killed. And in 1980s, Indian government suppressed hard-liners of Sikhism. Understanding historical background, I felt that people living in Punjab state were yearning for peace.

f69ae9cf1db64546093372719707ea1277716e1925. The road under construction

781ce92efb3102ef8617733a14e23024daac822526. The college school bus


8ce6f388a336416a64b3322e4cbd8860af73aa5f28. Many young Sikhs wear turban.

1411ff0895d0eeabef63cf5fc0288e088202585e29. When I took a selfie with young men in the background, I tried a humorous gesture.
7df7c0c50004cdd63423cf5e8c0515a440e1749030. This woman with a smile approached me. The Sikhs seem to have no discrimination of female gender.

66e4a565c9a02d10b3bfdd18f4fee295fb5100ae31. Raw pineapple fruit juice
eef55700bc652d327a2782eef4c6f277bb4d83c332. I encountered these students.

f24d03ae53c6b533158ec2e748ef6d1a3b528ae333. I observed a man to stir and solidify extracts of sugar cane.
07eea884909d75a7025a5e9586bcf07d7416a13e34. He gave me one lump of sugar cane extracts even though I did not ask for.
9536e5e50517a50a6cbe1ef10f05653ef0a0f32135. Enlarged photo of sugar cane lump. I am eating this lump while I am writing this diary.
baa908669413c3ad4c23b61200306a1c6ed09dcf36. The students inside school bus exclaimed.

38a80d7736de90ed84adac6e29a8f423f92bd71537. The driver raised his thumb up.

3fe20f0a4560eccff24222620bd9715e5663884840. I could see a Sikh temple far away. The architectural style of the temple showed some Islam influence.

722b54caee2ef4ccce8f34be42d7524e045a741641. Even a middle school student wore turban.
4e4aba671930c9c4235fa402cede85d79bec06d642. I took a selfie with nearby students.
0ed047ed4ff79e43f3478954631ee209d7e155ca43. I am near from Kurali.

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