[338] 2019-02-05 Chandigarh

Museum Area ~ Lake ~ Residential Area

1. This is Leisure Valley which is green area running through Chandigarh city from east to west.

d726516c9ba395ddef46899ea29d77abecc97b4d2. This road leads to the museum inside leisure valley.
c18a72f9dca8cb4023eddf1fa5d2f0ba60911cf23. I went to the museum of architecture first.

fd03dc25c982ddcffcd91aaf4fbd0d9cc6d4a4304. This is survey map of city area planning in 1947, just before the new planned city was made.

cfe6f5f9bd50c144138c459aacfca37903bafe5c5. This is the map of area corresponding to the central part of new city.
bfeb8d01a1a06ff8c5f3c39ceaad945ffa7ed5aa6. This is old planning map which was made before Le Corbusier.

5682b736084544f64f30495d0f6bedfe956bfc3b7. This is the final planning map of Le Corbusier.

2668bc1ce288a01ad93e11f8f5399df1b3b693c68. The design map of residential area which was divided by 800m x 1200m block.
f5d25206ef39d204c2f0bd83b53bd218fc92e9469. Metropolitan Planning Map of Chandigarh

6fbfc8378a1ba92fa82bd002834f40e425a886ac10. Round-about was built at every road junction.

When the traffic is light, round-about system is safe even without traffic-light.
4079b5e277b1ca80644c5b553f329c82ccbe576311. I went to City Museum.


b05cea25055f47d0c5027c96a0e57764f84f910613. The chairs displayed were elegant.

8ef90aa8f59a70adb137c0e891d6c7bdb8a4989114. An old map
395fd60c4ee5ec2edb32cfa7936b2f7ee5f87c8515. I started to walk again from the Leisure Valley.




d1bd13b559a7dec24b69c3f6ad43e1f019036fb919. I was walking toward the Government Complex. But I could not continue because of police check.

I could go in by transportation. But I changed my course toward lake.

You can find every side of the administrative complex in the blog below.

cbe2a98bc153054bdc0da6bcec24d62828cc0fb320. The way toward lake
d35d249c9424951333187354aeede56dda6d533321. I could find wall drawing which was based on the sketches of Le Corbusier.

c37ebd105e19dc2ab3b3a7623828d17f8629d66122. I arrived at a lake which was an amusement park.

3c38cc5c389691e6e1aca541a1bd9767657f365823. I could see silhouette of Himalaya mountains far away.

I have waited for this scene for a long time.

3335ca1091808bd278c869f675176b46eaae13d523. Ducks are swimming in the lake.
4d754e5198c5a10a5ef74491482ba461af6f5ed224. I became friendly with this family when I sat beside them.

2a6f2a0b0ced38d14e30ed737ced0c8f5c6ead1e25. Ducks are cute.
af9ea352298bf1477e57b0c0d20b35cd43b8cfa826. Chandigarh has many green regions inside each residential area.

The green regions are connected.


fa92111f5c02e9ff20e151e4a83d87b9848a7ea029. I could see a house with solar panel.
b720a73623bd5157ef3e0df886081b33207de57a30. The problem of Chandigarh seems to be low population density which makes the city inactive.


cf47fc7ebbd9771c257fc8c76caf8e133e1d6b4b32. The luxurious house.


227f38f320f169e279719823c6567d3eb5ca3c1234. This side street was not maintained properly.


1763d494a67c584f0ff751c812f2535716b2f10736. Public parking lot was located around commercial area.

75536bde7e8d705770390f8b4a0ffef59a35886437. A sidewalk of main street

e5cb041ee6f380f6d05a803bf285ab3827f269e839. The main street had various concept of design.

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