[337] 2019-02-04 ‘I Love Korea’

Rose garden ~ Panjab University


1. Chandigarh was designed by Le Corbusier who was a famous French architect and city planner, 70 years ago. Old capital of Punjab state was transferred to Pakistan, and India needed a new capital. The above drawing was initial sketch of new capital. Now urban area of Chandigarh was expanded to the west.

The planner designed administrative sector at the slope of Himalaya mountains. He divided the whole city into rectangles, 800m by 1200m. Le Corbusier’s design is evaluated as a model for a modern city which has lots of cars.

bebedd122365cac05a9480845f0dea27b3f3e4fa2. I decided to take a close look of this city. The worker of city is taking care of a car which was improperly parked.

cd1272053bf16fbd2827b817bfb730fc106d3b6b3. In India, beggars are everywhere. I monitored a young beggar who came to me. I kept my eyes on him, and found out that he was going to the inside of bush where adult beggars were sitting.

National economy has many layers. Within a city, various consumer classes are mixed. The groups of the rich and poor, and middle class have different patterns of consuming behavior. Also, they consume in quite different spaces.
85259b09b1370f9afd2da4adfe8d1f1af5ae9e924. For example, the street barber belongs to the poor consumer group.

14de852a65b0ad403d40bed99190e14bd053e2ea5. Since Chandigarh was a planned city, the parking lot was very wide.
cfd56f31df6f0661fa6359caf49eaccc22f7c8486. Someone called me “An-nyong-ha-se-yo (Hello in Korean).” I looked at him. He welcomed me, and said “I stayed in Korea for 4 years. I came back to India 5 years ago. I still miss Korea.”

6030dc8201f527b55bb0add4f5b6b969c29a78097. I stopped by state-run library.


9be99861afe388ed4b477695e9b3af2f72bd9a9a9. I browsed the materials about India and Punjab state.
a27a1950515647ce944dfd3b26a6ac9b6a7ce7ea10. This is notary service which acts for people in preparing public documents which goes to government or court.

277a4a53970cb57156c02b30b82a520be6090a5a11. There are many parks in the city.
6383daadac31e59727bfb21a59fc10cd95c8429112. A luxurious garment store.

802d320a8bf76e447dd9cc658f9277fbe86574d514. Rose Garden is one of the famous gardens.





104cc42f17a6fd129456e21b5cbddc40ec0325a219. I came out of the park. I was heading toward college. I met graduate students of biology major.

They were all smiles.
e96c839091e96d44c99cbf7f4e407fbfc0c6b5a020. After my explanation about New Silk Road, I took a picture with them.
2cc21932a324052d4f17c4fb8fa348a42335a4bd21. One of the graduate students said, “I love Korea.” The word gave me shocking impact just like the same word which I heard from a young Thailand woman for the first time.

It was a surprising experience that I heard “I love Korea” in India.
daa5fff59d819d62d122bebcee6b8169d2bba2c922. There was a meditation center.
50e0c1e0bde46ebf9be3bbfdf58ff1b9c58350b423. This gentleman is an electrical engineer. He stopped his car purposely to see Korean traveler.


3a055740c1964a9bdc1f9c3a40d73e245b74f82625. And he gave me his lunch box, which he prepared for himself. “Namaste!”
6af265d432d6599d5882bcdadb4e5ca3bf9636ef26. I opened the lunch box at a restaurant. It contained delicious bread.

f28b7d1a07f49b5616aaf44391f0ad469140a38d27. I became friendly with the customers of the ordinary restaurant.

They were graduate students also. One of the students said, “I like EXO of K-pop group. I love Korea.”

Oh my god!! I heard the word twice in one day.

I thought about the word “I love Korea”. This word can not be achieved just by economic development.

Probably, the Indians were moved by candle-light revolution and Korean democracy. I remembered that candle-light revolution was printed in Indian textbooks. I browsed the articles with smart phone. The story can be found at internet address below.


770ebf8995b6a82d90516f9d5c5c585846bf563428. These people also stopped the car and waited for me. They were running on-line trade business.

They also said that they liked Korea.

076483fe82184b51878f3e7de34186711040bc8329. I entered into Panjab University campus.

580c75e486036a4e059e5eab78f063faffd8501d30. It was a very beautiful campus.

52ea23b6bb0fa336a12655f4e3381f00796edfe931. Students gathered together.


86363eec2505b3a8e004e780f035f890ed84359433. I was passing by these girl students. They found out that I am a Korean. Then they approached me and said, “May I help you?” with kindness.
fff38e927fdde7c88f1735ec3ab58e78922c359734. At last I reached the Museum of Man which I was looking for. But it was closed.
8b28e4def6fe22c13b4c80bd0f9431a6360df58435. But I am very persistent.

I looked around and found a signboard of ‘Department of Zoology and Anthropology’.
ff17f9964adb9211009602a5b79ce3853e57f54636. I presumed that this department would take care of the museum. I entered the department office.
dd2cd227e89397ff486fed04fc7bddd5d6031d0637. The lecture was going on.
a2d53ad20b7e3d92994ced93c96cad4472ea859938. I talked with the staff of the department. Then the staff took the key and guided me to the museum.

The contents of the museum were wonderful as I expected.
2668a3220b9ba78de1bda85461e19787548c5bd839. The museum displayed various materials about human evolution on the Earth.
477252053366b39cfaa83f92ad6b633d4f6ab6a540. The threshing tools were just like Korean thresher.
cb4af802d6b525888f7c496ae0f70830b6feed2d41. They planted and grew rose trees in campus.
5c3629231ef80c0bb04f4c6446dbc65c8259830f42. This picture shows the inside of the bus which I rode on my way back to shelter.

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