[335][336] 2019-02-02~03 Sugar Cane Juice

Dera Bassi ~ Chandigarh

After five day’s walking, I took a rest of one day.

2c038d37122c1e18d8cfc38e2084631ee2d363371. This is the scene I looked down from the shelter, yesterday.
78bffe7d0118476be42791d6428207456d13d79c2. I met a rear-car where the owner sells sugar cane juice, after a long while.

The rear-car reminded me of Vietnam pilgrimage.

In August 2017, I was struggling with summer heat and had a hard time.

The refreshing sugar cane juices I ordered at street vendor gave me strength.

I recovered confidence when I entered Laos after finishing Vietnam course.

69c6c130ce39b181428cf3658a16881b351431303. Today’s starting point was located under overpass in Dera Bassi village.

65d71ee1e539bbec7fc38859f6be82c4e21f93e64. The ad which prohibits indiscriminate felling was very impressive.

c0ce44d9972984f50c2b0731a9724e7a5ccc9cc15. Students gathered in the playground in order to exercise in thick morning fog.

6276e4bd2df68e04bbf4391a0a546b5516706cb76. This ad informs about meeting of local gurus.
b420df88e47dec563c46197db6bb9521226432537. I would like to send warm bonfire to the people in Korean peninsula.
fc21641b95e8c90d0f3d7978934c637b78f288c68. Sports Center

79b623c1efcae89252443f9516834f8078cafedc9. Premium Hotel
9b2e1f5baab481d7bf4382f0f41c07243aa1804210. This is the entrance of Chandigarh which has 900,000 population. Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab state.

Chandigarh and Delhi belong to the most well-to-do cities in India.

The level of city maintenance of Chandigarh is better than New Delhi.
d6c470f17e4600533db7332dd79c22feeaa8af9e11. The wide roads were designed vertically and horizontally.

7782decd06dc9bc1a2f931aeb7affcebd942de9f12. Raw lemon fruit juice
c5107f0241c8c94b0e8d51f77ca54d244701057d13. These young men have waited for me, after knowing the arrival of a Korean.

dec61d2242a582a8b38863783c425c6b68b0f3c114. Female students are more enthusiastic. I appreciate recent popularity of K-Pop.

6ebeb5cfdcc5f7f8e739aa846447ac34bf01b4cb15. I could see buildings of medical college and general hospital over the fence.
6840b62cfb4e2323beb1946b82e14e92d57097f416. I could find free-meal service in front of the hospital.


f93b763ad0bcc1c04b4e3bb526b502b22550908618. The street trees and bicycle lane are exemplary in terms of city design.

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