[334] 2019-02-01 Meet Again

Ambala ~ Dera Bassi


1. This is Kingfisher Hotel in Ambala, which is the finishing point yesterday and starting point of today’s pilgrimage. I am going to stay for two days at this hotel which seems to be a high-level hotel in the past. The price of one-day stay is 2200 rupee.

6e9348c280c5c2a18fef3368212e9400345de61c2. Soon after I started, a curious middle-school student approached me. He was 13 years old.

3f2290f04d37f34a1dd72ccad2f49e653f70516a3. Then his friends nearby came to me.
ec974c5ada2d1f1c1649a27dcb9e7a53ba7390584. I saw the play ground of a middle school.
9c80d45dd943fd4ed3f0b167d6517509a95ae76e5. With a close look, I found that it was prayer time. I just passed by.
8174fa3fdfbd6227747d964b81d0fa56ae3fc8d56. After a while, I saw primary school. The students are sitting on the ground.

The young students were very cute.
1885b82e6725235dab043762676d4a218520e0e57. I was guided to the office of the principal.

f059cb3409e3929e53c42c777636860c3dfaae4c8. After a long while, I had a chance to spread the map and explain about New Silk Road.
81d7a22ad70364c02ac8c60ee403885ffa9f82209. After my explanation in English, the principal explained in Hindu. I took a selfie of the scene.

3c77fcda4b6671bcde95c3f2ad532c348b71ad3010. When the explanation was over, the students gave me big hands. They clapped in cheering mode too.

I was deeply impressed.

0b75216a28ad021dc49211d3f4f93aefdd4e9eb611. Later, I ate chai with the principal in his office.
5e3c8669f95bac854add9b647bb6a4f3890b1d3112. When I was walking on overpass, I saw a cow. I could not find the owner of the cow.

5b16beac105657d3d322f3dc23fd4dd13bd745fb13. The cow tried to cross the road several times. But the cow hesitated at the horn of cars.
66d2457dd2f6c0447594cce99708a04a85d3e1c814. Finally, the cow succeeded in crossing the road.

a3aba85e33c16937744c3bb1f6f8abc80a1b772e15. Now the cow crossed the car lane of opposite direction. Then the cow headed toward the direction under the overpass by turning 180 degrees. It was fascinating scene.
d3974e06e8a795f180d0dd6a494537ab4e212a8216. I could see luxurious and low-rise apartment complex.


bb6d2626e77c6d9e3d66fa8a14ec58e14b31261918. This gentleman is the hero of today’s pilgrimage. He saw me walking at Bodh Gaya at first time.

He was glad to see me, and waited for me here. I walked at Bodh Gaya one year ago.

Bodh Gaya is a sanctuary where Buddha achieved enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is also a sanctuary for the Hidu. He said he saw me at Mahabodti where the bo tree was located. He could not speak English. But he succeeded in expressing his story in body language.

098043d230e9f6a63ec5a10e4e3d08ca06a3ea5a20. Then, he gave me much food to eat. His name was Tilochan Singh. It was a significant karma.

c7dd6e33e720b740a966231df0ed88f6999e0d4d21. Statues of Hindu women.

a00a67f8b6fe0ee30c782801214b91463734643722. Statues were standing in front of a restaurant too.
f558df21bdc6829f62cf8ba99c678543af70624023. Solar panels were properly located on the rooftop. They face toward the south and have proper gradient.
865d690a93c8434a91ab7fff94217543df950a5224. The gentleman was waiting for me at a tea house which his friend managed.

He may have felt sad to see me off without meeting again.
a0252feb01aa1cf777d5655a06bc878db567348625. I received hospitality from the people in the tea house.
402428d6684e5116e12f8df3b569a7049a13019926. I could see a wild boar far away. The boar had cubs.
b14155dcaa88f37c93e97bceb7ccb23b8bf6874827. I waited for a while in order to take a picture of this scene.

9dc10ff2119c38010f13b1fc6e16e3e5aef5cde628. Curious middle-school students. In specific, the student with turban was very interested in Dharamshala.
c1da4aa13f1b0467293debc99c5f846cba2a7ad529. A flock of sheep is passing by.
3092b4abd08a30aa9dbaf0ef4c6bc47c4f4dc83b30. This gentleman approached me, speaking in Korean. This man is also an important figure of today’s pilgrimage.

He found out that I was a Korean. He waited for me for a long while. He had lived at Guri and Icheon in Kyounggido for 9 years. He came back to India one month ago. I made an appointment to meet him at Chandigarh where he lives in.

I am going to meet him for lunch, the day after tomorrow.

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