[331] 2019-01-29 NID of Kurukshetra

Nilokheri ~ Kurukshetra


0b7f5d51db994cd054d5079f4caa10faae2bab3d1. At the starting point, Nilokheri.
fedb4c09bc6e8b3b10d1f606fbb70f510ca89fc02. I will arrive at Dharamshala if I walk along this road 350 km.
b9b26318f5050a41c527ca33368a12898218e8b83. I saw dry waterways frequently.

6ba21fca849924ec1c47e527db33b7c05336240e4. This gentleman is hero of today’s pilgrimage.

He saw me carrying body-placard written S. Korea, at roadside rest area.

He approached me. He was a college professor Nachiketa who works at National Institute of Design.

bf29d1a6c1062947979591520d98505fe5b5dbae5. The southern slope of overpass which was built by earth is a good place for drying cattle dung.

d57639ecd7ea1c4a2d20e7e7becfa8aca47bb9116. These young people are repairing fishing net at a relatively large reservoir.

12184e3f7ad2e7091d3870d40b096d6e95dc8b9c7. These days, S. Korea is welcome everywhere.



edceea052140188a6a34c7fb73294b07d53740f110. Indian people are enjoying cricket game. Cricket is just like a baseball. When the pitcher throws a ball, he has to bounce the ball once. In addition, some rules are different from the baseball. People of four countries, including India and Pakistan are enjoying cricket.

86370372941016ceea03e3e683e65e84497dd38411. I am approaching the college of the gentleman, whom I met at rest area.


50a689042afb4a139de51146ac8e1fed1375895413. This is the office of professor Nachiketa.
376860e99669d1a9811d79ef5c2482484e63e00414. He said, I have been to Seoul in 2012. He likes kimchi.

6e4f897088bae65b2d8cfbf4a0934746671be73e15. His campus was open three years ago.

At the outer space of present campus, they are constructing 2nd campus building.

9456821efc758ff5c23b357c1c61cd37348ea7dd17. He majored in textile design. This is his work.

e638ee8a0f8970d2e4887efbcc84ea7d1ad9e0e018. On his desk, there was an electric sketchbook. He asked me to try a sketch. I could not think of a proper drawing.

I made a sign, ‘We need another UN.’
f9c47a725127e65d4fdb2de2c2ece4141bc5ce4d19. A picture with lecturers.
d41f4d3971554484517f49893a9ad234002af20620. A senior professor is standing at right-hand side of me.

6d2a1b2b33be405a0cc9b4d75c3222c003f32a6621. Students tried an investigation for street design, as co-work.

f3c3a29f6800321a634486e2b942497c91c8173122. Products of students.

20e08fd2ea47fd01622268c44c839c29583cf7ac23. A picture with professor and students.





2b6decb030414b5a6d970a16fb60d5205f247cea28. A student is designing Hindu characters.

cfad224beb925475387c89018270d7d10f491cec29. A room for computer graphics.
b00403b77773c1757c69567aac22f8d4d1fee8d230. The ship-model which he is holding was made by himself.

819e7beff0d0235fdfecc89f2a0c705cdabc36af31. In front of his design product.
588d2ef7518942283c4ed440b31f858d25dedc8032. I ate lunch with his colleagues. The lady in the center is design consultant.

The professor in the right-hand side is majoring in cinema design. He had good knowledge about Buddhism.

He asked me, “Why didn’t you pass Myanmar, a buddhist country?”

I answered, “Myanmar was included in my original schedule. But I skipped Myanmar because of unstable political situation and safety problem.”
3d89a6e50938470f5bb7539ed17d8949ada81f6833. The food was good, and I had happy hours.

001c733e29d9b6c5690a7167b1a9788fb21e3c8d34. On my way out of the college, I met middle-school student.

They saw me far away. They approached me, a traveler, and shouted with joy. They made a good pose for picture.

c8fdcc2a53d08147c0dc096a9d698c329fb2788c35. Seedlings. They are implanted to seedling field. They will grow and become trees.
9101c87f4fa903716b3b97e07bfd688c2ae1091e36. People in this village are very good at wall painting. I enjoyed beautiful wall paintings.

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