[332] 2019-01-30 Bee & Sansam(Wild Ginseng)

Kurukshetra ~ Shahabad Mafkanda
ab2814b1c5f67c6a84498bb1c93f7538f1f960371. I stayed at this hotel for two days.

9c0285d3b968c3d4af89ddfbf4a98082338be4fb2. At the other side of ten-lane road, there is a smart building. The signboard was written in Hindu characters.

42fac7b834e4e5cae29971f556974b27d6e2704f3. An engineer saw me walking along a large street. He stopped and waited for me. He talked about Korean companies in India, and he thumbed up.
75069ae385894d1a91543756e2062c216dcda9764. I could see trees afforested far away.

f055370389a7aa16c81f41693640130283bdc64b5. I could find another brick factory.
f1fd30bd306d03f93ec3ade45377a2282a01a9596. They make air space between brick walls, and made a fire in the space.

635f0351aa21033f0c4035204786641377ee0c9f7. I ate Thali, which included Indian curry and fried rice. I order Thali frequently.

68b699900d5c4f3b910847358b8029e3a7e748a28. This gentleman is a bank clerk. He saw me in the street. He parked his car in the side road, and waited for me.

211bdd7853dc09c37b89cbbfc3ede1e611b7a1819. At the time of departure.

9f82148bdd884cd3b642c1774d84d8b5c41ebf9010. This building is local court house.

a13ad2e55b6c6d61f1eac74217650b119ffac91111. In this farm, the owner is raising bees.
ac276ee35d451d3529e6d93a644036c5ace8360512. At the entrance of the farm, there was a store. I bought a small bottle of honey. The honey was collected by bees which live on Sheesham, a plant which is found only in India.
In the evening I came back to my shelter. I mixed the honey with wild ginseng powder which a young man gave to me while I was walking in Japan. The ginseng came from Baekdu mountain. I felt getting energized. I looked up an old pilgrimage diary. The young Japanese was Matsunaga Hayato who was running yagoro doughnut store at Yamaguchi. The wild ginseng he gave me was very effective in energizing me. I would like to express my thanks to him again.

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