[330] 2019-01-28 Major Road

Karnal ~ Nilokheri


1. When I finished yesterday’s course, I sensed that this village was still dangerous.

Therefore, I decided to skip the next course which is 22 km up to Karnal shown below.

Instead, I am going to add the same distance to Chandigarh course.
ccd8616359231713538d3fe6350193f3cfbec17a2. From now on, I am going to walk national major road which connects New Delhi to Chandigarh.

The major road is six-lane road.

db4c965facc9680d4ce6a3ce055a99911a63776a3. Early in the morning, I was waiting for auto ricksha going to bus terminal. The driver of this auto ricksha gestures me to get on. I dared to ride on the auto ricksha.
162d4398c870f422768e69644f8e3728fd09a0e74. I took a selfie of auto ricksha.

810d5c97d3a076fe7ebc22111ef49271a0580d9a5. Today’s starting point was the bus terminal in the center of Karnal city.

In India, people call bus terminal as ‘bus stand’ or ‘bus station’.

b92e31c185c63c08a5a9803f5bffa03b1f0f45946. Since Karnal was a big city, I could see tall buildings far away.

e82dd4be37b5518d016689e141201106573850f57. The sidewalk was well managed.
3a0f857296462af4f016e712fb4d28e66080dc8a8. I ate a cup of chai at a street stall.
9ced233e564cf35209a9bd21a186aefcb4890e3b9. The sidewalk was designed to have barriers which prevent the water on car lane from entering sidewalk.
8209d1af1135ee1e3a140f31f2fd694ccbfcd35710. The wall paintings on pillars of overpass were all about Hindu god and goddess.

4380c726eecbf594d6385c9496e414466712953711. Hindu goddess is usually depicted as a beautiful lady.

d9c074109596d7ea88e857d371e998aafd2a799212. Large rest area.

7ea9a7d56d2268494eb3a539bf08c5cd684c7bf513. The rest area was designed in modern style, and was refreshing.
939bf84b1040070190f7c40f9e105f09f50c344814. Three stores of same item are competing, side by side.
0e1c8cb656ae6461f40b7168b2499d81a79262f715. Large waterway was dry.

d926ca69edf4a0af179acf4dc92b7d2907851e9b16. The sluice was seen upstream. Some waterways were dry, and some had flowing water.

They are managing the waterways very efficiently, I think.

b00244287952974c71fc452d863e7047fdae372a17. Here, another high voltage cable.
6b5ccc7bd5ceaf7c1caf168b40614e9c4234f4da18. This raw fruit-juice stall was tidy.

83d3f8fdb5923547edfda8b6b6138456e8f1db9c19. A modern restaurant at roadside.

53157dffab5280b1e0423bb17b9959303fda1da820. When I went close, I could see sculptures.
17fe7e5ec643c7893129e3c50d3ec41ca9b94b2d21. I ate chicken and fried rice with vegetables.
b7af52385a908ece260356a789139bd67777e84622. I am going out of Karnal city area.
754278ca8fe8453fdd4b255ce800a84571c01aeb23. These boys came out of a car and took a picture with me.

d902e93606bfaf128b124f5b35d58aa5a9135ead24. After a while, a police vehicle stopped beside me. Probably somebody called police and made a report about a stranger walking on the road. But, they burst into laughters in a few minutes. I took a selfie with them.
bc21e31d71c8517b2018ad4cbb726ecdbe36d90325. The man with hat is senior policeman. He took out his hat purposely for the picture.

175ba041168aeca31ebe90677bcc421f719e0b8a26. The policeman was impressed by a pilgrim. Soon after we departed, he sent me an e-mail.

He used the word ‘Sir’ for me in his e-mail.

5f319292af8cd64d98ba139073cb7206864dc50b27. People are raising horses in this village.

4501823adc2d8f80a2bee9e50562a2bf886927a228. The appearance of walking horses.

9ac3d7f86b1cd1eabfb3dd3e4f5eb8b8857fa21129. The college student who major in Hindu literature. They rode motorcycles and saw me. They stopped and waited for me in order to give me bottled water. We had a long conversation, eating chai and cookies.

556915bb70f1fa1e64cf363aae6c6117a8fbbaba30. I said “When you were waiting for me, your appearance was very good. Le’ts repeat for the photo.”

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