[329] 2019-01-27 Marriage Day


1.Since I was not sure about the safety, I skipped one course. I decided to walk the next course, 21 km.
793b9a3dfe15d639b713221d46e5e33d14a878472. The starting point was the entrance of Shamli city.


05fe0a510db32c41a4828f4cd20489cf9fbb576c5. Near the bus terminal of Shamli city.

4993cfffa3aabcfdc0088d198907eb18e033c4b76. I saw a baby.
63d4ba9531f163e4d2616952827aa078a1d8fa187. I saw rifle club. Carrying rifle may be allowed to some extent in this city.

That may be related with being dangerous.
f66880854b8cf703504d8139dffc8a559d7f32df8. Irrigation waterway seems to be well managed.

bfaaf9c7b49b285f5eb98cd9b2683fcfb83959f79. Today is Sunday. This season is good for wedding.


ff755566311f86c3645bbe8a478d6ffe73de5d0111. At a Hindu temple. They recommended me to go in the temple, but I refused with appreciation.

The Hinduism seems to be friendly to pilgrims.

0efd93b1e79afd34398e8600cc48a3d2e08bbc3d12. I saw Karnal on the signboard.




e84be374ae2487a87579f919a07d320584c3648316. I saw strange birds in the field.


5ed23bdbba8528124286e9c9ae3f913bbaac45c118. A typical appearance of Indian style.
736c3c9fa1790b7c954bd632a316856942cc15e319. I passed by a rest area.
56cb71af2d1a6ee65cc41bed3508c1f9d539e47d20. I saw a motorcycle accident. Motorcycles are exposed to transport danger all the time.

d1411861c2ef9e113dc0ebbcf0c3b7f5de269fa021. Water dried up at waterway.

ce7e547db038efecec5c8c992ded91c9f2e9d3d822. I encountered a wedding car.

c8eeb0d34014376eae3194d5aba78d20a35786f523. The bridegroom and his friends saw me, and surrounded me. The man with uniform is bridegroom.

b03a634e34f84839577709d8b99246f3b432836d24. A commemorative photo.


eefa03b24df9af8fb805235b5576ea8b5d537e7c26. This group seems to go to a banqueting house.


370cd1d16a04883354e83625642c8699168153da28. Every village has radio wave relay station. The penetration rate of smart phone is relatively high in India.

They use smart phone instead of PC.
84149fc78532c956a25082d7bd78531d7024f2a329. In front of a motorcycle repair shop

4e9afc62ef782853d1a394118e030769e67843ec30. This game is like yutnori in Korea.
37e842a0581e737c3f2948926bb6c88a21418f3a31. There was a wedding ceremony yesterday, probably.

6ddbd1cfe6cdc57bd64b0182a80ebeec1277b2b132. In front of a store. The owner of the store served me chai.

a9d804627a3e1af028089c804f81a3cd9315b7e433. I was waiting for the bus, at the finishing point.

d34446920e1e1cdf97bf8a0ce79844a81e5fef0a34. A selfie with children
8b174c135acbc91bc9144ea4e2bf732430eace8d35. A picture with the youths who flocked.

3d61b3f9c79052d23ca70e1c06b46a3e23ffedbd36. I ate Biriyani-style fried rice. It contained various kinds of vegetables, and the taste was hot.

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