[328] 2019-01-26 I skipped a dangerous course.

One of the principles of pilgrimage is that I do not enter a dangerous place. Many people said that the course I planned to walk today was dangerous. After careful considerations, I decided to skip this course. This kind of decision was made for the first time during pilgrimage so far. However, I think it is very abnormal to ignore several warnings by local people. If I encounter an unexpected accident, the whole pilgrimage may be endangered. .

The course which I decided to skip is the section of 26 km, which was indicated below.

I will challenge this section again someday in the future together with many people.


Today, instead of walking, I rested and wrote an article which I put off so far.

0cf1ded0a5e6319d07722b9bfddfefd1712bc531I ate a new dish which was called ‘Special Thali’ for supper.

I tried several different kinds of food made of cheese, roti, fried rice, and dessert.

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