[326][327] 2019-01-24~25 Spring Day

Nanu village ~ Bitawdha
After five days’ walking I had one day off yesterday.

I start to walk again.

bf29bc2efaf345bc32b9b93f0a0eda5f40fa0b321. A village at the starting point.
215f8a070c4dd1e1dcfe5425b811f3ce8086338e2. People whom I met the day before yesterday saw me and flocked to me.

b487b590b1721e330b0f1a81b5763202dfbcdfbf3. After conversation, I took a picture with them.

741cdd61694536716de3bb3c47e376b3f96374dc4. An elder who looked like a guru appeared.
954c49124278fc735a0745737d47ce10cecb2ba05. I explained about New Silk Road with politeness, and took a picture.
41a468b51debadba33522da551bdf117af350fbc6. I saw some birds.
f8b3eb984b01717bedbd34b408543d9913138ff47. Farmers are working in sugar cane field.

90762ea05863f2e54df7cc817dc73c45bad53d238. The sunshine was pleasant. The cattle dung which became wet after rain a few days ago, are drying very well.

d5c7b9ef99b96864e198049aab273093e69afb479. The weather was pleasant just like spring. Temperature was over 20 degrees.
39c5c100e6fcbeaf938f4d60c3053cc66261076210. A man who was sitting on oxcart recommended me to get on. I smiled and refused with appreciation.

0e4b6e265486e7561b874aad55455e8ae0d6f6cb11. Farmers were burning remnants at sugarcane field after harvest.

Birds are watching. Birds know that there must be something to eat.



97e1039af9b69cfa1945364f9d1de4a32498d33c15. Sugar cane is a plant belonging to gramineous family, and consumes much water.

d71515d92b92d512e3b1d2e21e7d986af063b7c016. The waterways are constructed thickly at the sugar cane field of the great plains.

f17e512c9855929e26749b9fbc2c6c3c4121f64418. While I rest, I connected to facebook, and I found this picture. This map described the locations of nuclear power plants, and the degree of seismic hazard. The U.S. is a very dangerous society. The rifle accidents are reported by press. But the danger of earthquake is reported seldomly. The earth is dangerous just like any other accidents. I would express global nuclear danger as ‘capitalization of danger’. This trend is preval‎ent and the efforts to minimize the capitalized danger is very limited. This kind of dangers are very technical, and very well organized. Capitalized danger is controlling the earth as pawn.

0c893d624d05323434526f07b8032f0e6a7fa78b19. With young marathoners.

628972397b8340992a20eb108b9374c389fa4b6620. I met these marathoners at the starting line of marathon.

6de51adb24f242170f7dd0f073d932f93c978a0f21. They are running and running.
2f2b9815c6f9df5f25ea03e38d1a62c049ddd4b422. This friend had waited for me, and recommend that the course in the front is dangerous. He asked me to ride his car.

73a4c0db3a0aeed8faed527b3ecf0d105f7db0be23. I refused with appreciation and continued to walk.

120b6d7c0f0a1f5e894cab6502c30013f1e5f3c724. When I met these people first, I thought the the danger they are talking about was not serious

740b0eb741596aac34fa634d10c15ec2e75c7afd25. I met these policemen and I thought the village in the front may have some safety problem.

But the streets were wide and busy with cars.
6c0af2a513d41ba0889da7b660027a7a62e352b426. I kept walking around sunset. I met another friend.

He said, “It is dangerous for you to walk alone. Please get on my motorcycle.”

I refused again. But after second thought, I decided to take a bus going directly to my shelter.

35f6a56b26d23218bf64e7708bb5333ac14a581527. A mother and her baby in the bus.

e1082f4ea2147a5bd2e23a3e7da22fae6341f1da29. This picture was taken in the bus going back to the starting point.

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