[325] 2019-01-23 We need another UN

Meerut ~ Nanu village
67d3d36754ff00de392a01a6a24d1f77d055a37f1. The government official (center in the picture) called on me at the hotel with his nephew to keep his promise. I think he connected to English homepage https://liferoad.org/ after he met me, and understood much about New Silk Road.

5930594ba7e81f209783364ef1f08e06cb5db29c2. He guided me to his office, which was located at a very good and historic building.

a5b17c0e50df5eb83b5b82d4307cc8f54c65e3cd3. Meerut seems to be an important city adjacent to New Delhi.

The building was managed very well since it was a government building.

c2b7c7a55766e615b58d9e0c551f5e4e1fb7e64c4. He was 30 years old, and unmarried. His mother prepared a packed lunch for me.

All food was very delicious.

395d12e33bb8cd245d1c5ff73fa041f9d745fd255. Before we depart, we had a very important conversation. Since he understood most of the New Silk Road including Charter on Earth-Life, I added one more comment. ‘We need another U.N. We live on only one earth. Present U.N. is too dangerous. We have to protect the earth just as we make texture by woof and weft.

He understood the core immediately and chimed in me. His name was Deepak.

13e64bcb6c1af7d7001cd52de76048b89a0933326. I met these women in the auto ricksha going to the starting point.

The lady in the right-hand side showed curiosity and guided me with kindness.

In addition, she paid my bus fare.

379846bc605587a6d247c50cbe2d4f402f8f9b227. This is the starting point at Garh Bus Stand of Meerut.

Since I spent a lot of time visiting the official in the morning, I have to hurry.

d205f661822927a5825b773434477ed6355e1ac48. While I walk in the city, I found a milk pail.

09491bf63e3e4dc71d8083c1b976f2e52eed8c749. He is making paneer (a kind of cheese).

360abd7c56de3acf8c5a33ba76e3936fbb3fc44710. I found solar panels on the sidewalk in the street where the government buildings were located.

It seems to be test panels.
8ca4f7380f019baf892841cb32d2cf3f0625e4fe11. I saw residence area which looked very nice.

dd2c066f59753b2bbb30eb0c3d6fd0e4c49e045512. The park was large and seemed to be well managed.
c1abc6be9bd01c73962f4af3394c9191e9d8a79713. After I walked a few kilometers, Deepak saw me while he was driving with his colleagues. He stopped his car.
08c36b9d8115c82b0717e12dc01e0e0f813ae77314. Another photo with Deepak.
bdc07bafaaf6807916812d26dd09bc54fc7511c715. These people are villagers whom I met after I got out of Meerut.

They listened to my explanation with eagerness. I took a photo of their sincere pose.
eec6a1b615b7c02ebef6728939778211fc53509e16. A general hospital, and nurse school.
2f36f799f6a1b705c05e294cab461069203de35f17. I met another impressive people today. When I was walking in a village near the finishing point, gentle-looking people were talking cheerfully far away. I gestured if it was O.K. to take a picture. They approved, and gestured me to come.
814a5bbd9f541b735e13cb0d3ef15ed89d460e3818. I explained in detail about New Silk Road and the courses I walked. The man with blue vest was opinion leader. He spoke a good English. He translated my story to other people. He understood what I meant fast and asked many questions. He praised Korea as a high-technology state. I said that Indian agriculture is sustainable and present a model to be followed by other countries. And I added that we need ‘another U.N.’ which was the same word that I said to the government official. He agreed in a moment.

8e65a9dbef1fa33b0012408d42f57dcd6a3e52d819. He asked a youth of the village to bring more chai. He served chai to me and other elders as well. He emphasized again, “I am very glad to meet you today.” I responded with my heart, “I am very glad, just the same.”
fa13ae7e242aa2a6a1fad34654af3f5eacd8357920. A commemorative picture-taking. The name of the village was Dabathwa.
Today was a very meaningful day.


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