[324] 2019-01-22 ‘Long’ Day

Hassanpur Kalan ~ Meerut


1. While I arrange my backpack, I found a pack of cookie which a small girl gave me yesterday.

I forgot to tell the story in yesterday’s diary. I have to spare the cookie.
c7de3d8546b49d06685852e2b4987eb6561dc8432. At the starting point, Hassanpur Kalan.


9a0b242a3d7aff283cc25e7e712678d4823688e74. Family members were talking in whispers. They waved hands when they saw me.

b23ca1a995536011d6f855cbed1bc966c11cb5a85. The rain continued all over the night. I started to walk when the rain stopped.

I met the thunderstorm and shower again in one hour.

67d538d0e37042f582a8db1d91a4a7c8bdf474716. While I take a rest, I took a picture of dark sky.

b7fe0ead1eb343044acb346af48773feb331dbec7. I started again after the shower changed to a drizzle. The rain made the dry field wet.
86948d1054ef2952fdfa666febbe57d0a34235348. The rain made many puddles, which makes walking inconvenient.

Nevertheless, I took a picture with people who approached me.





bc8001f57fee00c74d9549ee25b48a1dd3f952c314. Meerut is a big city whose size is just like Suwon in Korea.

This man who saw me and came out of the car was a government official.

I will introduce him later.
0f66e970e150c173babf83508d2fa8fed8083f2f15. The contents of the ad was very impressive.

‘Education gives you wings to fly.’ This is an ad of a female school.

From my observation so far, the eagerness for education in India was very active.

1.3 billion people made India as a unified national state although the socio-economic environments were not good.

But I become optimistic about the future of India because of the education fever.
9b9e84c4f72f635d745630b6e6874af69c9aebc916. The signboards reflect the new trend of information era.

Among the signboards, I can find Samsung smart phone and LG electric appliances.
4ed1d32210e25dde7134f010c47ecefdb841d83817. Automobile for just-married.

1fda4c6d50eefca0fe39548cea6bb7e07e69def118. I ate India-style salad and mutton curry rice. Curry is supplied separately. But I moved the curry onto fried rice.

It was expensive, 700 rupee.


I walked 17 km, which was a relatively short course.

But today was a very long day.

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