[323] 2019-01-21 Dynamic Day

Garh Mukteshwar ~ Hassanpur Kalan

774c03c87aff666de2cec6798a402b0b84b9d6fd1. I took a picture with the staff of Lee Grand Hotel where I stayed for 5 days.

I like the name of the hotel because of ‘Lee’.
ea5784876f3fcc85927737d2d33efc6301fccb022. I entered into a country lane, a shortcut.


9079197096e80df791eb789030c64285c4afa61c4. Since it was a shortcut, there was telegraphpole.

c3f6fccdbd2e93d5a54c2c758cc0eb4dfdfb12465. They made a fire in order to manage the weeds.

3be4e284ebbec500766a77edff7fa17f8fd7cbcf7. I saw a dry stream.

2e7fe0288463633aec2816287e7a9d02f7042f688. I entered into a road with two lanes. I am headed to the north, where Dharamshala is located far away.

19e707f2276c0bc8cc42e0c0b10313f8518780029. Students are always curious.



679e0f85f92d897a00deca95178aa3170e63f39712. A grandfather and a grandson. This scene is very India-like.


7a9dab87fdbd1b623c7c0f67836670cc545fe85d14. An India-like scene.

0b5e8b182cc7e3e743dd84477c96a16bbde561f415. Dry sugarcane leaves were spread on the road. It was cushiony to walk.

a83256681eae06a944b3f501d145322c1a9e239716. Two policemen listened to my explanation of New Silk Road. They served me chai. They were generous.

43576feeb4ad784110ad45f3507deecdd7ffdf6b17. These boys stood in a cluster far away. They watched me, and responded to my waving hand.

9d19dcd7b2bc361611559812ee4125b1a3eb1a8818. They seldom saw a pilgrim like me. High school students approached me in front of school.

46b939a21a7692d9d83dac9f6ee6d5c94be4de4a19. One guy borrowed my hat and took a group photo.


16d15e68ab192253790d0132055d60d91e6b88b121. At a deserted street, I witnessed a motorcycle accident.



d68095ff9666a4a01da215087a40928c6f022cc524. I was taking a picture of a quiet pond.

7133e76e327f4f6d96f43bde20aea51b4aa4a12025. One staff of a hospital standing downward-sloping, approached and guided me to the medical doctor of the hospital.

22b1e8f955198ba0dde32cc17f5da39a6e981bdb26. I waited for a while where I could look in doctor’s office.

51c317f23aa650831a3e384ad5bf866140bcbc4727. This doctor saw me while he drive a car. And he asked the staff to invite me, I guess.
98da331252bce561f18f529d79b7d3605525136b28. I enjoyed chai, using an elegant cup.
33886a52a34f26a19b5b82facaca81467cbf6db629. And I took a picture with the staff of the hospital.

ee90b9f83a92612692a2d2d0222854e60aeebde230. I could see only male nurses.
fc4f5e967c70a7065eb09d7c84ad23c36e3077f331. A boy is taking care of a grocery store.
76d090f0c96850286226ab1a5c0f52d4eb15091732. I guess these brooms were made of bush clover.

e49f28c80e64240af75c567f1a4ab274a7c2bfbd33. In front of an Islam school.

b04665932c08e9a3092a0dd07ccae8a89b8a3f4634. Many schoolboys rushed to me.

099cf3331945ed1135459b3b2e9420605a8e006e35. They exclaimed to see a traveler.
064bda1b57abeeec30b99812b1e1c036dcb7879f36. I could find many botanic gardens in this village.

I guess the customers of the gardens must be high-class people.
f26ad9958eb9c1611c07020c19c98226d804551237. Students are curious.

46cb6d1e8e378f7b402e4383d658e3d24ad5977538. Female students joined in taking a selfie.

e8aebd73e64751ae956a139d8bc2f7ac8f94af5439. Although this stream had less streamflow than the waterway I saw several days ago, this stream has much stream.

I could see a sluice far away.

cb5b4f4ef043d1519ae1e1e82986f6ef0cdcdcce40. I found a nice LG store. The LG store seemed to run a business very well.

a63f72f71717b83ca52abf24f02b75299240ef5941. Over the street, I could see a bustling market place.



eb9cda2bc36d464f13f6403d3240c9f419ca919a44. Around two o’clock in the afternoon, I met a thunderstorm and rain suddenly.

To prepare for this kind of crisis, I am carrying a raincoat and an umbrella in my backpack.
5d5662d971f1783782aa53f41631c8c0ba401ee145. Since the rainstorm happened all of a sudden, all the people evacuated to a store at roadside or shelters.

I was walking in the rain alone. Curious youths approached me in the rain.
005f7fa7f6096b9498d9ea7b825f94948ce0b27146. At the finishing point, I had a conversation with the youths in the bus. They paid my bus fare.

Today, I heard a good news.

Bishop Kang Woo-il joined in walking with professor Seong Won-Ki who is leading the Walking Pilgrimage for Now-Nuke and Hope. The detailed story may be found at the internet address below.

Another news is that my article which was printed in Media Today was printed in bulkyo21.com.

The title of my article was “Let’s found a National Research Institute for No-Nuke and Safety

Today was very dynamic.

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