[322] 2019-01-20 Great Ganges

Gajraula ~ Garh Mukteshwar


1. I met these two boys in the bus heading to the starting point.

a971b97728b01e7a237c4121bf8a893b48a695282. The starting point, Gajrula.
02620a46dd5548a21448c0c93a5d90a8dd086c9c3. This ad seems to be bonesetter’s. The signboard is humorous.

3b5cfd475b44130d4b7f8f9f5cdc262cea4355654. The boys who were playing saw me me and they flocked to me.

One boy among them could speak English, and he translated my English.

A group photo.

894d0ce5f92f223e01d9f9d119760ef9b51279615. I tried one more picture when I depart.
ade4943ba6a8c4012801111a9212b0f7886bb6c46. This group work at car repair shop. The man who is waving hand is the owner of the repair shop.
4a80f5f1568453543177187c1ef7f44d64abf0c87. Now I can find a big factory.

eabf5ae42b35570d4272de2bcd7f037657079f419. An expensive restaurant.

bfbb87ac92ada0c39e2570f4f7366ecce342d1ff10. Instead of expensive restaurant, I headed for a cheap restaurant.

I ate panir(cheese) curry rice for lunch.

0ad152208d9df0b82c323e2434767ac658eceee511. Muslim students flocked to me after the class was over.

f85e2966806d6e0c4e2eba447371de83b243a27112. A group photo
f90f1d0775ced14d98960854a24929a78f0e1fba13. The muslim teachers were looking at this scene.
e1bbf91e7d670d80c95fc67366d6c442be000df514. Refreshing craftwork which were made of bamboo.

593234682ace0be12f1108970f19151808fd7e3015. I crossed Ganges river which was one of tributaries flowing down from Himalaya mountains.


1d7953969da39d20abc4d5f04daaebc603e7808a17. They were doing something special which was unknown to me.
731021c7db9c388c40ed272448204de5f9d129b218. Boys were exclaiming.

77a0fe69e917650d84f424322ae1de5da7b7397019. They seemed to set net to catch fish.

78c703375dca24bc18dc7259b3ae6572db70c5a720. This riverside is not ordinary.

32f05062e48734143d582e2d58ece8d6703b3c3821. He is drawing wall picture.

4f50197102d4c613ab9d2dc998b4c467c950c50f22. I looked at the riverside. It seemed to be a Hindu sanctuary.

A man who looked like Brahman caste saw me.

He joined his hands and gestured that this place is sacred.

680a948864d8416e66c4f7d907b921199492930823. It was a place where they were performing a metempsychosis ceremony of Ganges River which the Indians think sacred.

They were washing their body at sacred river. I saw this kind of ceremony at Varanashi in the past.

This section of the river is upstream of Ganges River.

28057606f389cb96422b123d569585e272259a7724. The middle section of the river seems to be the place where they spread the ash of the deceased.

I stayed for a while.
ce877c11d8830c0c9e5687d776f17b95fedafed925. After I passed the riverside, I saw refreshing roadside trees.

c3c0e2fdaf3a230774215b95012adc0596b513ac26. They made deep furrows and made wide rows in the field.

I guess they are going to plant seedlings, considering the depth of furrows.

Illegal logging is strictly controlled. Planting tree is very important.
d1171bb6659bc315d764963f43472c090af92edf27. A typical bus in India. I waved hands with the passengers of the bus.

9f96aff94e1e79a2895c87dbda88fbdaed9d0c3529. At the finishing point.

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