[316] 2019-01-14 High-Voltage Cable


1. I stayed at this hotel for two days.

The cost was 2,000 rupee (34,000 won) a day.

It was a comfortable hotel.


0147be44233f41b54f40cf4807c3f975bb8961732. As soon as I started to walk in Rampur city, I found this tent for charity campaign.
3d636504c8d4388118b915327f08b7277e6b61dc3. There were several items for charity. Good campaign.
f0c902f8721e1b6e881875379ee10bc8d46f8aa34. I took a picture with steering committee members who showed interest to New Silk Road.

bfc346399a6033f87a0a9b340ef274c2004761605. At time of departure.
fbcd909100130bf1f955e7b68d25f10bc0dda9c26. They are preparing a wedding ceremony at a hotel.


b7528855d4eb64c266490c0e0bba8a4a41ed64e88. I see high-voltage cables frequently.

In Korea, high-voltage cables are troublesome. I think India has same problem here.

If Indian people consume electricity as much as people in Korea, and if the electricity is supplied by centrally-intensive generation system, high-voltage cables will cover the whole country. What is the solution? I don’t see any possible solution. India must adopt diverse generation system, which requires less cables and produce less green-house gases. The method of generating electricity for 1.3 billion population will affect the atmosphere of the earth. The energy system of India is not a fire on the other side of the river, just like China.

4ef6b03b4491b92324a99e48a8c96b910d49914a9. When I was walking on the overpass crossing railway, I saw a man run a hand-operated grass cutter in the wheat field.

The width of furrows seems to be wide enough to grow other crop. I am not sure, though.
3391981ae1aa870933b479f30e692ae62a0ecc5710. I could find a high-class residence.
64bf1e5670880c04e381d7019937c8a0a9d169a711. I ate Indian curry and rice for lunch.
21fb1d6c9c28c4d920e67237442d234015d5896612. A handicapped is driving a wheel chair. He was so fast that he passed by me.

36cd931e8141c07f0945960c0c15250d3cd7bcac14. The members of a family are working together in the field.

d424156135906721b49cbd83343f6b59179fde7716. This is a quite expensive restaurant.

ce207783ba9f3d28d00efbbc770691cb550a785917. When they serve raw fruit juice, they fill it up like this picture.

aa560b1325aa3f02aab2dcc39fac2a6476e5af4019. I took a picture of people whom I became friendly with, while I drink fruit juice.

d6c4102911b15a23d7afc633949a95d503fa226d20. Boys are all experts of sheep-raising.

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