[315] 2019-01-13 Unnamed School



  1. While I walk in India, I realized that one merit of our society disappeared.

In the past, there was another school system at outside of school.

The numerous outside elements such as large family, esteemed elders, cousins, mother nature, and farming interacted with students and provided students with good education. Outside elements constitute warp and weft of traditional education. They played very important roles in educating the students. They were so-called hidden school system, which disappeared recently.



2. Intersection of Milak, the starting point.


3. This seems to be a common facility of the village. They were drawing an interesting wall painting.
805cd070c46baf436bc86d8a455db5f7181a189f4. I ordered a cup of chai while I take a break.

Chai is a kind of tea. They put Indian spices into milk. They filter it after boiling for a while. Then, delicious chai is made. All Indians are enjoying chai. It costs 7 rupee (120 won) a cup.
81e37e95ad089afaed524fe68bd1d6f4904dd9e15. This benign-looking woman is selling chai.



91f34120d28e3f9ed73bf38f02a8e8d83be878ce8. I found a modern-looking restaurant.
0b1e3e4b768718f14acdd823cb0bb1a0f78601bd9. Boys are collecting fire woods.


0c11c189bfd32bbd24af0b1d6f721e7510cb951411. The chaff is property of farming house. They cover chaff with rice-straw to protect.

0bbf22d679de3c9c2c3a2a1ab470eaee2ac55e5612. Trees are growing together in the wheat field.

This kind of mixture farming seems to be possible.
f1b90d99158f4cb2f477335d5068b206d76b028113. I ordered Dal curry which was made of bean, and roti bread which was made of flour.

In addition, I ordered fried rice for plentiful lunch.
92768b6c453a52a21c19e81bc16635fa71c27b5414. This man stopped his car and awaited me for considerable time.

I explained New Silk Road in detail.

I took a picture with him.
4d2ab5bac196f6eea4f1c82414c8e1a1f2be862015. I have my own recreation. When I pass by this kind of house, I stop. I glance at the family.

They go in alert mode. Next, I wave to a small child to come with me. I gesture “Come on. Let’s go together.”

Then the child understands what I am gesturing. Mostly, he cries or hide behind his mother. The family burst into laughters.

Mother embraces the child and gestures to come toward me. Then the child resists in desperation. After a moment, all players of this comedy loosen and wave hands for departure.

This is a strip of pantomime played by strangers for a very brief moment.
009698a12728d7bf1c5608fad4f195032f3774f016. They seem to make charcoal.
a8780227e4907bb3f430bcafc22e928a4ac2095417. Women are working in the field. Men are working for business or fixing houses.
d17f9b3e7c97c5057f01a259115fa2ff8d4ac0e818. When I approach Rampur city, I could find luxurious hotel and disco bar.

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