[317] 2019-01-15 Ordinary Day


166116d8fc8ac4fd5a1a8d1f59bb0f3bdc64621a1. At the starting point

daa454c373b7303b8cc71dcf84794d6c3dfdaf5b2. Students who were walking on the other side of street came to me.
0e69b73b1d8b707c5f1575be740f5544ab09e3453. At time of departure

c0efceb3c3e7a768a2fa0697d3b9fb4f2a24d5a34. Healthy hens

e696c993d3ea93a5e1a4594d8c2954f485681acc5. The roof was woven by miscanthus.
5a43cfa93ff2e34647ca5fdf6821c430fd5725426. They inscribed patterns on tombstones.

c9e2007411697e6150233f6b17b37af62af7ac167. An overpass connects Moradabad station with residence area in the city.

Motorcycles are allowed to use the overpass.

e62f0d9797068d11cbae09b7216f9b4691448b548. When I entered a village, children are shouting with joy.

They seem to see a stranger like me for the first time.


e8334a4a5ebc89e481b8c71f8662e010b9904eeb10. Children of another village.

333aad39f4bcbfe42b0b9707b510efc288fc6e4211. This playground had only one slide.

6f1af85b4cd8a24a66aa43538b7a23e7c392ada912. I ordered steamed chicken for lunch. Indian dish of chicken is very good in quality.

The right-hand side dish is called roti, which is an instant bread made of dough. The price was about 300 rupee.

ed39bc5d85b01166ddb521f0a7a718bc307c870813. Now I am about 150 km apart from New Delhi. I can find modern buildings more frequently.

f752baafa0e39cda11ac1155a3da7cb83d317d5b14. They sell Biryani at street vendor. It is fried rice of Indian style.

e4d3798e760eed471fa159a2c846ed4e0d1fb8d815. This is packed Biryani which I ate for breakfast. It was tasty and cheap. 50 rupee.

920314271def45f1a099a13646143cf6bbbfe53916. This area had paved roads of modern style.

e1eb0fad3a9381894e030b1cb6c97b13b247f60417. I could see monkeys around shelter. In India, people and animals are living together.

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