[314] 2019-01-12 Prof. RYU Choha


1. Prof. Ryu Choha who was one of 100 supporting members passed away. His family name is ‘유’ in Korean character, and 柳 in Chinese character. He is a direct descendant of Seoae Ryu Seong Yong, who was a famous scholar in the middle of Chosun dynasty. He worked at the philosophy department of Choongbuk University. He was a pioneering leader in organizing National Professors Association for Democracy, and contributed to restoring democracy in Korean politics. He was a strong supporter of New Silk Road movement. Recently I discussed with him on the topic such as “goal of college education”. He looked healthy when I met him in November, two months ago.

The discussion between me and professor Ryu was recorded by Maronie broadcast, and edited by staff Seungeun Lee. The discussion can be found at internet address given below.


I express my deep condolences to late professor Ryu.

2. I rode ricksha to bus terminal in order to move baggages to the shelter in Rampur.

I became friendly with the driver of ricksha.

c1f3667f38e8b38d5774cf85e44544788cb672383. The driver served Shiva, a Hindu goddess. on frontside of bus.
5fd9547dae6e3a6d2e302f5d5650d02edff6c7e94. At the starting point

24ba117c0bd0f0adcbd5e4945b7352b6951a68755. It is not so bad to have tree shade like this in farming field.

The trees may provide shelters where useful insects can survive.
bbdfd6016d3684b365a64815d1881c62f89aa78e6. A picture of students who went out for bicycle hiking.

b513d461783be64fb70fd8a7772b10ca95d20d027. Workers broke trees into pieces and made wood pallets.


baefc352f8b333a0e9b521c33622f43952e7af4510. Children warmly greet a traveler all the time.
dfc9410efc47f6ef31ecd083bce02f77701efc6e11. When I was passing by a farm house, the heroine-like woman called me.

I took a picture with her family.

88fab279baa28af6c03c74b7cb5c4e48a4dad3ca12. Rarely, I can find a farm owner who raises only pigs.

The pigs moved freely. When I see such a pig farm, I think of Korean domestic animals with sadness.

They were slaughtered whenever foot-and-mouth disease broke out.
인도사진13. I found old men sitting around. I introduced myself as a buddhist pilgrim who is walking to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Today, I started a little late. I walked 15 km.

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